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Ruto’s threatens chaos in ‘deleted tweet’

By John Kamau, Arizona, United States (Editor,

Deputy President William Ruto has threatened fire and brimstone if the onslaught against him which he blames the state agencies and dynasties continues.

In a tweet that was swiftly deleted, the Deputy President warned of unspecified consequences to his detractors once he assumes the presidency in 2022 General Election.

The tweet came after the deportation of Turkish terror suspect, Harun Aydin, who was his close ally.

He tweeted: “This is a warning to those who think that they will always occupy the high seats and the surrogates. When we get power, we will come for you and your families and hold you accountable for all your actions.”

The tweet came after the Deputy President claimed in another tweet that he had called Aydin, the Turkish terrorist, after he was deported from Kenya to his home country, Turkey.

Immediately after the deportation of the Turkish terror suspect also believed to be involved in money laundering, Ruto posted the threatening tweet asserting he was ready to finance chaos across the country in retaliation for the deportation.

According to his close aides, the Deputy President banged tables at his Karen residence when he first learnt that Aydin had been arrested.

He muttered unprintable words on learning that Aydin was deported while lawyers he had hired were waiting in different courts for his appearance to face terror charges.

Prior to the deportation, Ruto kept on pressurising his lawyer, Ahamednasir Abdulahi to try and free him by getting a friendly judge to order the terror suspect’s release.

A depressed Ruto later tweeted he was ready to teach the dynasties a lesson by paralysing the country before his allies told him it was dangerous to make such a statement.

After the deportation he tweeted: “Just talked and apologised on behalf of Government of Kenya to Aydin Harun, now in Turkey, who was politically arrested, tortured and falsely profiled as a 'terrorist' but later asked to fly out not to ashame those involved. Political pettiness is expensive and dangerous and will destroy our economy. SHAME!”

It has also come to the attention of that Ruto was trying to acquire Pegasus Software that is  capable of reading text messages, tracking calls, collecting passwords, location tracking, accessing the target device's microphone and camera, and harvesting information from apps.

The software was bought via President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni but the licensing has a geo-fence.

The Turkish terrorist role was to put together an international team to crack the software since it was not working smoothly in Kenya. 

They could not go to the vendor directly since it was purchased for "Uganda". can also report that Ruto is a close friend of President Museveni’s son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

We have established that it is Muhoozi who has been impressing upon his father, Museveni, to jointly invest together with Ruto, on the strength Kenya’s second in command is likely to be the fifth president.

Ruto and Muhoozi are age-mates having been born in 1966 and 1965 respectfully.

Muhoozi also aims at succeeding Museveni and hence he hopes with Ruto as president in Kenya, the duo can rule the two countries until their demise.

Signals Museveni was planting Muhoozi as his successor emerged when he first promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant General, which is the second highest rank in the country’s army.

Muhoozi’s promotion from the rank of Major General, which he had held for nearly three years, was part of over 2,000 promotions confirmed by the president, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

Muhoozi’s promotion intensified speculation that the president was grooming his son to succeed him.

Proponents of what came to be known as the ‘Muhoozi Project’ in Uganda argued that the first son has been fast-tracked through the army hierachy, as a way of grooming him to control the armed forces and eventually take over as head of state.

Muhoozi’s in 1999 joined the army as a Cadet Officer and in 2000 graduated from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (UK) and was promoted to Lieutenant.

In 2003 he was promoted to Major to head the Motorised Infantry Battalion of the Presidential Guard Brigade and in 2008 graduated from Fort Leavenworth (US) and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, commanding Special Forces Guard.

In 2012 he was promoted to Brigadier, commanding Special Forces Command and in 2016 promoted to Major General.

In 2017 he was appointed Senior Presidential Adviser for Special Operations and in 2019 promoted to Lieutenant General.

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