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Police probe Tangatanga MP’s link to environmentalist’s murder

Police are investigating reports a legislator from Nakuru County (name withheld) could have had a hand in the killing of environmentalist and activist Joannah Stutchbury.

According to the Daily Nation, police have not ruled out the possibility that Stutcbury could have been killed due to her fight against land grabbing.

The said MP, sources added, is a notorious land grabber, whose name prominently features in the grabbing of prime land in Karura Forest and Nakuru.

The reports first aired by a local television station claimed Peter Murumbi, a houseboy to the late Stutchbury, confessed that the MP from Nakuru County had threatened the deceased in 2018.

At the time, Murumbi noted that some developers wanted to grab land and build a road in the middle of the forest, something that Stutchbury was against.

She had sat on an excavator in protest and the MP and his company were not happy about the move.

 According to Murumbi, it was early in the morning when they heard the engine sound of the excavator and when they went to check what was happening, Stutchbury confronted them and was threatened by people who had guns.

Following the incident, Stutchbury reported the incident to the police.

"The developer even pulled a gun on me telling me that he was going to kill me if I did not go home. Yeah! Right! Picked the wrong little lady," she then wrote on social media.

Stutchbury was shot dead by unknown criminals outside her Kiambu house, on Thursday, July 15. 

On her social media pages, Conservationist Dr Paula Kahumbu alleged that the murder was related to the Stutchbury's fight for the environmental conservancy.

The detectives are said to be making progress in piecing up evidence to nab the killers and the sitting Member of Parliament from Nakuru is among the suspects linked to the murder.

Stutchbury, 67, was killed at 10 pm as she returned to her home.

Her friends said she had stopped her car to clear branches blocking her driveway when the assailants ambushed and shot her several times on the neck and face.

Neighbours found her body in the car with the engine still running and valuables not touched, suggesting the attack was not a robbery.

While eulogising the activist, President Uhuru described Stutchbury as a steadfast champion for the conservation of our environment, who is remembered for her relentless efforts to protect the Kiambu forest from encroachment.

The Head of State promised Government action to track down and apprehend the killers.

The conservationist hit the headlines in February 2018 when she single-handedly confronted developers who were felling trees in Kiambu Forest.

One of the most prolific pictures captured during her fight with the crew showed her sitting in one of the excavators’ buckets as she swore to protect the wetland from destruction.

For the next three years, Ms Stutchbury was threatened several times. At one point, she was visited by unknown people who told her they would kill her if she continued disrupting their plans to construct an access road through the forest.

The bubbly Briton died before making her dream of forming the Kiambu Forest Community Association come to life. It was one of her latest joint projects with Greenwalk-Kenya.

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