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Gachagua faints after ruling forfeiting Sh200m to State

Gachagua faints after ruling forfeiting Sh200m to State

By John Kamau, Editor, (

The UDA Deputy President candidate Rigathi Gachagua fainted after the High Court ordered the forfeiting of Ksh 200 million to the state after he failed to explain how he got the money.

Anti-corruption court Judge Esther Maina said the Mathira MP did not provide sufficient evidence on how he was paid the money by Government agencies and the same should now revert back to the Government.

The funds are held at Rafiki Microfinance Bank, in three different accounts, one holding Ksh 165 million, another holds Ksh 35 million while the third one holding Ksh 773,228.

The three accounts are registered in the MP’s names while a fourth account, holding Ksh 1,138,142, is registered in the name of Jenne Enterprises.

The amount was frozen by the High Court in 2020 pending the hearing and determination of a petition by the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA).

Justice Miana said the agency had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the monies were paid to Gachagua by Govt agencies yet Gachagua did not provide any document to support why he was paid.

“The only contract produced is dated February 2018, indicating that the firm Wamunyoro had been awarded a tender but there was nothing to show he executed that contract so as to entitle him to get the funds,” Justice Maina said.

During the recent Running mate debate, Gachagua insisted he made the money genuinely from working with Government between 2008 and 2011 before he became a Member of Parliament.

He claimed he was worth about Sh200 million but the claim turned out to be a lie when he moved to court to claim Sh15 billion land. 

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