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Murang’a: Nyakera slaps sister in house row

Murang’a: Nyakera slaps sister in house row

An amateur video is making the rounds on social media that captured a Kenya Kwanza alliance principal assaulting his sister.

The clip shows Mr Irungu Nyakera, a former Housing Principal Secretary, engaging in a heated exchange with his sister, Ms Wambui Njoki, as some people try to separate them.

Mr Nyakera is also the Farmers Party leader and is eyeing the Murang’a County governor’s seat.

Ms Njoki wrote on her Facebook page that she had suffered for a long time in silence but it was time to speak out about her tribulations.

“I have been thrown out of my house with my child and to culminate it all, in broad daylight. My brother brought his bodyguard to my premises and together they beat me up!” she said, adding that because of the embarrassment she was contemplating suicide.

In the video, Mr Nyakera and his sister are heard quarrelling over the ownership of land and the houses on it.

Ms Njoki says in the video that almost everyone at the scene as they are quarrelling had witnessed her build the houses.

“Are you the one who built these houses? Is this your house?” she is heard asking the politician, who is dressed in a green T-shirt.

The former PS also asks his sister whether indeed she built the houses and questions whether the land they are arguing over belongs to her.

Ms Njoki also opened up and accused her brother of stealing from other siblings, saying she decided to build her house away from the drama witnessed at their home.

Another man with Mr Nyakera at the scene is captured on video forcefully holding the hand of Ms Njoki as the altercation gets uglier.

Ms Njoki is then heard asking the man to stop holding her as she narrates how her brother allegedly stole from them.

She then slaps the man, who refuses to let her go, and the former PS is also seen slapping his sister.

Ms Njoki then accuses her brother of mistreating them when he was Housing PS.

Mr Nyakera is seen asking the person capturing the events on video to stop, but Ms Njoki asks the person to continue recording.

Mr Nyakera could not be reached for comment as he neither responded to our text messages nor answered our phone calls.

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