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This man Wanguku

This man Wanguku 

By Correspondent

The New Democrats Party Nyeri governor’s candidate, Thuo Mathenge commonly known as Wanguku is a murderer and imposter who can go to any length to achieve his selfish ends, investigations by The Voice have established.

Starting from Kiambu County where he ran a medical clinic in Banana area, claiming to be a certified medical doctor while in reality he is a wound dresser, Wanguku aided young women to procure abortions at his clinic, at a fee.

While using the title of a Dr, which he uses even today though he never attended any known medical school, Wanguku left the area after several young women died while illegally procuring abortions in his clinic.

But using money he had looted from Mbo-I-Kamiti, he bribed police to stop any investigations touching on abortions at his clinic.

It was to later emerge that among those he helped procure abortions were young girls, including secondary school students, Wanguku had impregnated after enticing them with handouts.

While in Kiambu, Wanguku also snaked his way to the troubled Mbo-I-Kamiti, a farmers company owned by residents of the county.

The company was founded by Gachanja Nduga, James Ndung’u and Bernard Kimani in 1970 with the assistance of President Jomo Kenyatta and for many years was doing well.

Wanguku mysteriously became a shareholder after forging a share certificate to indicate he was a child of Mau Mau to join the company that was founded in 1971 and by 2000 was worth over Sh4 billion before it was looted dry.

The company was set up to settle farmhands who had worked on white settler farms and widows of Mau Mau freedom fighters in Kiambu. Each member contributed Sh500.

After forging a share certificate and using it to become a shareholder, Wanguku embarked on looting Mbo-I-Kamiti after he staged a coup where the directors friendly to him removed their chairman, Rev. Simon Mwangi Ngeru in a boardroom coup.

Before his removal, Ngeru, who mysteriously died, was engaged in a spat with Mathenge and another imposter, Kiarie wa Njoki.

Like Wanguku, Kiarie wa Njoki nicknamed the thief also forged share certificates to claim shareholding.  

Wanguku, who had then imposed himself as company secretary though he has no legal training, planted the then board vice chairman, Stephen Boro to act before he finally assumed the chairmanship.

Wanguku is said to have forged share certificates to show he was a shareholder and even managed to snake his way as chairman of the board.

As chairman, Wanguku stole huge amounts of money from the firm and at one time was arrested when Sh108 million disappeared.

But it is the murders carried out when he was the chair where some directors, accountants, lawyers and even ordinary shareholders were targeted, that show his true character as a killer.

While looting the firm with friendly directors, Wanguku ensured none of the 8,000 shareholders ever raised a voice.

Among those Wanguku ordered killed was a former company chairman, Stephen Waweru Njenga.

On the morning of November 17, 2011, Njenga was shot in broad daylight along the Kwamaiko-Kiambu road as he travelled from his Githunguri home to Nairobi.

The killers hired by Wanguku were in a small car that blocked Njenga’s vehicle at about 9am before the hit man walked over to his window and shot him three times.

Wanguku, using looted funds, had paid the killers handsomely and that is why nothing was taken from him.

Before his death, Njenga’s wife, Jennifer Ng’endo revealed he had received death threats from Wanguku in connection with Mbo-I-Kamiti funds.

Njenga was among a group that had filed a case at the High Court in Nairobi to block the sale of the firm’s property and this did not go down well with Wanguku and his group.

Also killed on Wanguku’s orders was a former treasurer, James Ngamau Machua.

Machua was gunned down as he waited to board a matatu near one of Mbo-I-Kamiti’s properties.

Also killed on Wanguku’s instructions was lawyer Rose Waruingi, who was shot dead at her home in Kilimani, Nairobi.

There are reports Waruingi was demanding Sh20 million legal fees from Wanguku but the latter opted to eliminate her instead of paying.

Wanguku also hired a gang that hacked to death a shareholder, Mbugua Karanja.

He also ordered the killing of two shareholders - a man and a woman - who had nails driven into their heads in their Kahawa Sukari and Juja homes, respectively.

Also said to have been killed on Wanguku’s orders was an accountant identified as Moses Kamau.

Kamau and the financial manager had evidence about the theft of company funds by Wanguku and were to be witnesses in a court case.

The deaths came a few years after Wagicio Ngatha was poisoned with no arrests or convictions been made.




When Mathenge was kicked out, he left a shell of a company.

Before he snaked his way to the top, Mbo-I-Kamiti was known for having the best tea, dairy, and coffee farms in Kiambu and Naivasha, making Sh300 million a year.

The company owned Kilooma (284 acres), Matropi (298 acres), Anmer (218 acres), Kiora (365 acres), Kabaazi (218 acres), Twiga, 1,200 acres, Olmorogi and Drimo ranches in Naivasha, both measuring 4,521 acres, Bradgate in Ruiru, Summer in Murang’a, and Loresho farms.

During Mathenge’s tenure, properties were sold at throw-away prices and money stolen.

 Summer, Drimo, Olmorogi, Loresho, and Bradgate were sold at a throwaway price and the money pocketed by Mathenge and other directors.

They would use the company’s title deeds to secure loans from banks, ostensibly to revive the company, then they would pocket the money.

The loans would remain unserviced and the company’s land would be auctioned to recover the money or end up in the hands of a creditor, as was in the case of Bladgate, which was snatched from the shareholders for a paltry Sh100 million, less than a sixth of its value.



In 2010, Mathenge hoodwinked shareholders when he conducted a cleansing ceremony at the place of the first oath and swore again to protect the company’s assets.

But Mathenge also stole from fellow thieving directors and at one time stayed in hospital for week after he was shot and injured as he drove through the gates of his home at Tigoni in Limuru.

But the man who boasted to have become a billionaire through Brade Gate showed lack of managerial acumen when his empire came under assault from banks, amidst mountains of debt.

The banks were demanding close to Sh500 million from him.

At one time, the Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT) towed his car, which one of his siblings was driving, in Nyeri Town.

Those that have filed cases in court to recover their cash include I&M Bank, Family Bank, and Jamii Bora, which he owed Sh95 million, Sh121 million and Sh80 million, respectively.

The Lands and Environment Court even allowed I&M Bank and Garam Investment Auctioneers to sell one Mathenge’s parcels of land to recover the Sh95 million.

Lady Justice Lucy Waithaka dismissed an application by Mathenge’s company, Bantu Africa Resort Ltd, seeking to permanently restrain I&M Bank and Garam Investment from advertising the sale or disposing of the property.

He had two cases against Jamii Bora Bank, both of which he lost. 

In the first, the bank wanted to auction his property for failure to repay Sh30 million.

He filed a lawsuit but Justice John Mativo allowed Jamii Bora and Valley Auctioneers to auction his poultry farm to recover the loan.

Jamii Bora also sold his 1.9-hectare piece of land in Kirichu, on the Nyeri-Nanyuki Highway, where one of his poultry businesses sat, over a Sh50 million loan. 

Though Mathenge claims to have secured a scholarship to study, and that he later worked in Eldoret and Kiambu, the High Court and the Appeal Court ruled he falsified his degree.

“He did not attend classes at Fairland University and, therefore, the degree certificate awarded to him was not validly awarded. Mathenge was not eligible to run for the office of the governor,” Justice James Wakiaga ruled in 2013.   

Mathenge as chairman of the National Alliance party (TNA) Nyeri branch also issued death threats to Kieni MP Kanini Kega.

Mathenge, the imposter, also suffered a setback when the family of retired President Mwai Kibaki (deceased) dissociated itself from his political party.

The Kibaki family was forced to deny any links to the party after its officials dragged the name of the eldest son, Jimmy Kibaki, into its operations.

And that is the character of the man who wants to be Nyeri’s governor.

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