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Ruto’s secret lover exposed

Ruto’s secret lover exposed

By Correspondent

The first thing that Anne Wanjiku Mwangi, the nominated MCA from Trans Nzoia told William Ruto after the birth of their daughter was that she was not ready to cause another 'Saba Abby' drama with Ruto.

 She wanted everything to be secretive and she promised not to go to the press as long as the needs of herself and her daughter were catered for by Ruto. Ruto seemed to have fallen in love with Anne.

She handled their affair well and within a few years they had another daughter.

 According to individuals very close to Ann Wanjiku, Ruto spends more time with her than with his own wife, Rachel.

 It is also an open secret that Ruto was the person behind her nomination as MCA as she had no political interests prior. 

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