With handshake, Uhuru dealt a blow to tribalism

With handshake, Uhuru dealt a blow to tribalism

By Correspondent

One of the greatest things that President Uhuru Kenyatta has done is to deal a fatal blow to tribalism through his handshake with Raila Odinga and his support for the Baba’s presidential bid.

The Mountain and the Lake fought together to break the chains of colonialism and give us the freedom we enjoy today. Our Shujas were patriots.

The late Shujaa Ramogi Achieng Oneko, who was one of the Kapengulia Six, in a forward he did in the Comrade Wanyiri Kihoro’s book titled: "The Price of Freedom, the story of political resistance in Kenya" explains:

"Our country made great strides towards democracy and progress between 1963 and 1965, and I am a living example of this. In 1963, I was elected the Member of Parliament for the metropolitan Nakuru Town. I was elected by a population that was able to rise above tribe and seek service from any person who was capable of serving them irrespective of tribe"

Shujaa Oneko further explains the problem of tribalism. He writes: "This is a feat which has since eluded the electorate, as tribalism has taken a more central role in the management of our national affairs...an important driving force in General Elections and politics today is tribalism and sectarianism, while pursuit of effective representation has been relegated to the background. The truth is that accelerated divisive tribal politics have marked the decline of our country as an effective political-economic force..."

Shujaa Oneko bemoans the resultant situation saying: " A people who once stood tall and proud at the end of their liberation struggle, and had made great strides towards meaningful political independence, social justice and economic emancipation have failed to marshal their human and material resources today to achieve basic self-sufficiency in human needs. The political greatness of Kenya which we fought for so hard and for so long, has failed to materialise".

He concluded by offering very good advice: "Let me give a word of advice to everybody for whatever it is worth. Unite, dear Kenyans, and don't live and work on basis of the primitive tribal instincts, which have made you and your country poorer by the day. Your country now calls upon you more than ever before to abandon tribalism and go to the flag, which speaks volumes about what your nationhood is about. On the flag, you will find, one colour which represents all the black people of this country and not, as many colours or the stars as there are tribes. Tribalism has become your country's undoing...if you must divide, dear brothers and sisters, please do so on the basis of national policy but not tribe!"

President Uhuru, Baba Raila and the Azimio fraternity have heeded the call by Shujaa Oneko. Their efforts is evidenced by the handshake, the BBI, which had provisions for unity and inclusion; and their working together in Azimio and President Uhuru support for Baba Raila. Baba has capped it by appointing Martha Karua as his running mate.  The Mt and the Lake have come together. They have brought all communities and the whole country together! I can see is achieving what our fore father's wanted. We shall bequeath our progeny a stable, united and prosperous country.

The above is unlike what Yuda are doing. They are still stuck in the tribal rut. It is only in their quarters that we have had tribal and political zoning. Tribal discriminative comments like " so and so can not be elected by community so and so," " so and so can not ascend up the mountain",," we can not vote for so and so because their culture is like this or that."

The President has shown us the way. I am very happy with the people in Mt. Kenya who have heeded and are supporting Baba. It is only Baba and Azimio who can ensure stability, continuity, progress and development.

Yuda is so divisive and driven by hatred. We verily believe that our country would go to the dogs if they took over. Let us use our votes to stop them. Let us use our votes to propel our assurance: Baba and Azimio

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