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How Ruto, CS Kosgei looted Galana Kulalu, plunging Kenya into a food crisis

How Ruto, CS Kosgei looted Galana Kulalu, plunging Kenya into a food crisis

By Correspondent

Four years ago, Mama Rachel Memorial Foundation, a Meru health clinic, moved to court*seeking compensation for breach of contract by Africa Merchant Assurance Company (AMACO).

Amaco is owned by Deputy President William Ruto.

The Foundation won the case.

 AMACO was ordered to pay Sh10 million in compensation. The company dilly dallied until a recent ruling by the High Court.

It will now pay Sh19 million plus interest.

Amaco, on the brink of liquidation, will host auctioneers any time now.

The mismanagement at Amaco and its looming collapse have exposed Ruto for who he is.

Ruto unabashedly remains an absentee Deputy President for five years who still draws a salary from taxpayers.

 The man lacks business acumen, is of poor leadership skills and can’t be trusted to be Kenya’s Chief Executive.

The economic crisis Kenya is in is largely fuelled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the global debilitating effects of Covid-19.

We must put individuals running for the presidency on the weighing scale and assess how they can salvage Kenyans from current hardships.

Meanwhile, food prices are on a spiral and this isn’t about to change soon.

 However, we would not be here if the Galana Kulalu Food Security project was operationalised on time.

Galana, a Sh7.2 billion Jubilee government flagship project, was started in 2014.

The government was to irrigate 1.2 acres of the ADC farm straddling Kilifi and Tana River counties.

 The aim was to cushion Kenyans against runaway food insecurity.

Green Avara Limited from Israel was contracted to develop the 10,000 acres’ model.

Construction started on September 11, 2014 and was to be completed by March 9 2017.

 That didn’t happen.

The devil, as revealed by the Auditor General, lay in the awarding of the contract.

The Ministry of Agriculture was faulted for single sourcing, which cushioned the company against competitive bidding, competence, capacity and pricing.

Who was the Minister for Agriculture?

Felix Kosgei, an appointee of William Ruto, in the 50- 50 sharing pact of government between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta, was the CS.

Kosgei, a stooge of the Deputy President, tinkered with contractual laws to please his master.

That’s how Green Avara Limited won the tender after giving kickbacks.

The kickbacks were to hide the company’s incompetence.

They were exposed!

 Blistering public ridicule and international uproar against Green Avara left a collapsed project in 2019. Sadly, taxpayers’ Sh5.9 billion was pumped in, with nothing to show.

Ruto continued siphoning public coffers through Kosgei until he was suspended in March 2015.

Willy Bett, another stooge of the Deputy President, took over.

Before his suspension, Kosgei was accused of giving permits to some sugar importers under the table without open tendering, against the law and COMESA rules.

 The single-sourcing of tenderpreneurs for kickbacks was the modus operandi for Ruto’s ministers in the first tenure of the Jubilee government.

Galana was earmarked to produce, by 2017, about 40 million bags of maize per annum, which totals Kenya’s annual maize import.

 This was surest way to Kenya’s food security. Maize flour, Kenya’s staple, would not be a challenge if Ruto and company had not dipped their insidious fingers into the jar.

The Kenya Kwanza brigade and its leader, William Ruto, should not take Kenyans for fools on the spiraling food prices.

The truth is that it is the gluttonous, self-aggrandizing and thieving Ruto who plunged the country into a food insecurity circus which would have been broken by Galana Kulalu.

Luckily, the project was revived and phase two of the 10, 000 acres model is now complete.

The government is putting 1 million acres under irrigation in the spirit of the ‘Big 4 Agenda’ on food security.

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