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Key Highlights of Raila, Karua interview

Key Highlights of Raila, Karua interview

Raila Odinga: Kenyans know very well that I'm not in government, I don't earn a salary or allowance, and I don't live in a government house.

I can only advise which may not necessarily be implemented. It’s unfair to lay blanket blame on the government.

I know the challenges a government faces, like this crisis we are in right now, is a serious crisis. The cost of crude oil has gone up. When the cost of oil goes up, virtually everything else goes up because everything else depends on oil for manufacturing.

You cannot blame a government that you draw a salary from. William Ruto should just do the decent thing and resign.

Someone drawing a salary from the government has over 250 security personnel, and uses government vehicles comes out to say he's not in government, so ask 'mtu wa kitendawili'.

The most honorable thing to do is resign. That is what Bildad Kagia did and that is what Jaramogi Oginga Odinga did.

You don’t say you are out of government and you are blaming the same government but you are earning a salary from the same government, if that is not hypocrisy, then I don’t know what hypocrisy is.

I've not stopped doing 'kitendawili', I just don't use it more often. I use it when I want to drive the point home.

We have been in government before. We found empty coffers in Treasury, we did a lifestyle audit, and got rid of corrupt revenue officers

Some people are playing populist politics with the cost of living. The fact is that Kenya did not harvest enough to meet the demand of the country.

 Other external factors have also contributed to the high cost of living.

Interdependence of arms of government should be there if the war against graft can be won.

The government consists of three arms - Judiciary, Executive, and legislature.

The three arms are independent but interdependent. For instance, the executive cannot perform its role effectively if the judiciary is not working.

We are rooting for one county one product. Tutarudisha Kaazi mtaani we have short and long-term job creation plans.

 Many youths will benefit.

We will expand TVETs to boost self-employment. We will create policies to encourage foreign direct investments.

We will help SMEs access cheap loans. We will give recognition certificates commensurate with their skills so that they can qualify for government tenders.

We will revamp public hospitals with modern medical facilities to stop Kenyans from seeking treatment outside.

I want to be convinced that enough preparations have been done to ensure the elections will be free and fair.

Most European countries have a social protection programme. A number of Kenyan families live below the poverty line.

About 2 million families are set to benefit from the Kshs6000. That translates to Kshs 12 billion per month.

I'm the one who launched the Inua Jamii Programme to help the elderly and PWDs.

The Sh6000 social protection programme is different; it’s targeting specific families as profiled by KNBS.

Asiyekubali kushindwa sio mshindani. I will easily accept defeat and congratulate the winner if I lose elections.

Martha Karua: In the current constitution, it is possible for a DP to hold a ministerial docket.

Claims that it is oppressive are wrong and misleading.

Azimio will uphold rule of law.

A deputy president is basically the principal assistant of the president and performs other duties assigned by the boss, which may include holding a ministerial docket.

Misconception about DP holding the Justice ministry is wrong.

The 2/3 gender rule is demonstrated right now. My Principal here appointed me as his deputy. A majority of elected women will be from our coalition. We will go beyond the gender rule, the commitment has been shown.

Azimio will be a government that upholds rule of law and constitutionalism. Fighting corruption involves partnering with the public.

In 2003 when the NARC government took over, members of the public could stop police from taking bribes. This is what we're looking for.

Azimio coalition is not in government, the government of the day is under Jubilee.

When we take over the reams of power in August, we promise to address the high cost of living in the first 100 days.

We shall deal with the corruption that has affected healthcare service delivery.

 Babacare will upgrade public health facilities at a low cost

Every Kenyan and anyone involved in the poll has a responsibility to make the election free, fair, and credible.

It's a joint responsibility including IEBC. No one should hide behind an institution. Last election I sued 3 IEBC officials for electoral malpractices.

You can’t choose which part of government you will claim credit for and which part you disown. If somebody stands on the podium and tells people that I have influenced this to happen in government, they must also take the blame for any shortcomings of the government.

We have more in common with Raila than what separates us. I joined my Principal to provide better leadership for our country.

I will avoid the disagreements we have experienced during the Uhu-Ruto tenure. People may differ but we can always resolve our differences in a way that brings honor to the office. 

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