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Cracks in Kenya Kwanza as Kihika, Waiguru snub campaigns

Cracks in Kenya Kwanza as Kihika, Waiguru snub campaigns

By Correspondent

Cracks have emerged in Kenya Kwanza after vocal UDA Nakuru Governor candidate Susan Kihika declined to join coalition leaders in campaigns out-side her county.

Kihika, a fierce defender of UDA presidential candidate William Ruto, has been missing from UDA rallies held outside Nakuru County.

 This contrasts her political approach just three months ago when she accompanied Ruto in almost all UDA rallies across the country.

Her decision has attracted criticism from Kenya Kwanza who now accuse her of selfishness and showing no commitment to Kenya Kwanza Coalition.

However, Kihika has vowed to remain unmoved instead choosing to concentrate on her campaigns in Nakuru where she is facing an uphill task to unseat current Governor Lee Kinyanjui of Azimio.

The Governor has recently mounted a serious campaign to retain the seat.

But to the surprise of Ruto's handlers, Kihika has received support from Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru who has also been missing from any UDA rallies.

Waiguru is said to be weighing her reelection chances after Raila Odinga named Martha Kama as the Azimio La Umoja Deputy President designate. Karua hails from Kirinyaga County.

Recently, Kihika clashed with Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri in what is reported to be a supremacy war over control of UDA campaign money in Nakuru. Kihika has planted herself as the UDA leader in Nakuru County a move that has angered Ngunjiri.

In a recent recorded  incident, Ngunjiri's anger came to the fore after he openly asked his supporters to vote for the "presidential candidate of their choice" despite seeking his reelection on a UDA ticket.

The spat between Ngunjiri and Kihika now threatens to crumble Kenya Kwanza campaign strategy in Nakuru.

Trouble started after Kihika was humiliated by Ruto's henchman, Farouk Kibet during a UDA meeting in Nairobi.

She was also accused of being a double agent in the party — a UDA servant during the day and a Jubilee Party informant at night.

She attributes the accusations to Ngunjiri who sought to portray her as untrustworthy lieutenant of the party.

With this move, Ngunjiri sought to assume control of party affairs in the County.

Kihika and Ngunjiri do not even speak to each other and have been trading insults.

 This puts Ruto at cross roads. He has to choose between upsetting Kihika - an attack dog- and pricking Ngunjiri's larger than life ego.

While Kihika's move to isolate from Kenya Kwanza campaigns can be traced to the afore-mentioned suspicions of being a mole, it is not clear why Waiguru has avoided Ruto's rallies.

 Known to change stance multiple times, Waiguru may have sensed Azimio's forays in Kirinyaga and retreated to strategize.

When the UDA brigade toured Murang'a County in June, Waiguru is said to have declined invitations from Rigathi Gachagua to join their caravan.

 She had promised to attend the rallies but failed to show up during the events.

It is a big blow to the Kenya Kwanza team as the wrangles outpace the campaign momentum even as the Election Day draws closer.

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