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Raila and Karua are safest bet

Raila and Karua are safest bet

By Correspondent

The Kenyan voters should be reasonable and responsible and vote in good leaders. They should not be emotional and naive.

In 2017, the voters in Nairobi voted naively for Mike Sonko because for his dramas of punching walls, rolling on the roads and abuses!

In Kiambu, they voted for Ferdinand Waititu alias Baba Yao, despite his having been captured on camera throwing stones in Embakasi!

The consequences of that kind of voting was incompetence, none performance,  corruption and poor service delivery!

Now, if you vote for people who have said publicly that " we do not eat roads", do you think they will build roads or maintain the existing ones?

If you vote for people who have attacked the security agencies, and even derided the police uniform (they said they will donate it to Women's Guild!), Do you think they will support them and enhance security?

If you vote in people who are in court or are under investigation on cases of corruption, do you think that they will use our money prudently and transparently?

If you vote in leaders who have no academic qualifications and integrity, do you think they will manage the public affairs professionally and properly?

Let us be serious and vote in Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga alias Baba and his running mate, Martha Karua.

We should also vote in Azimio affiliate candidates, as they have proved beyond doubt that they are mature, qualified, not corrupt and have integrity.

Do not vote for William Ruto and Rigathi Gacahgua and all UDA candidates, as they are all tainted!

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