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Embu: Inside the mysterious life of slain politician Dennis Mbae

Embu: Inside the mysterious life of slain politician Dennis Mbae

By Justus Karanja

The Embu man shot dead on June 8 by unknown people had for long been on the radar screen of detectives.

Dennis Mbae Mutegi, alias Mbuyu, was also battling court cases for drug trafficking, robbery with violence and murder.

Mbae was on his way home in his white Toyota Noah, registration number KCX 559A, when gunmen in a car with no number plates blocked his path around 11pm at Bonanza, before pumping 20 bullets on him.

Residents said gunshots could be heard three kilometres from the scene of the crime.

The news of his death spawned conspiracy theories around Embu on who wanted him dead.

It is said the suspected leader of a criminal gang was well known within the town due to his connections especially within police circles. Others painted the image of a dreaded drug dealer.

Highly placed sources said one of Mbae’s closest associates within the police service was a Directorate of Criminal Investigations officer based in Embu who was murdered in unclear circumstances in January this year.

Constable Abdirahim Adow Abdulahi, who had been spotted a number of times hanging out with Mbae at entertainment joints within Embu town was kidnapped in Isiolo on January 20.

His body was found four days later at the Kolkol viewpoint in Elgeyo-Marakwet County.

The man whose connections reportedly shielded him from the law was also a politician.

In 2017, he was keen to contest the Kirimari ward seat on a Maendeleo Chap Chap ticket but lost to Morris Muchiri in the party primaries.

And now Mysterious women are being linked to Mbae’s murder.

According to Mbae's close confidant, the politician had received threats from an unidentified woman in the days leading up to the incident. 

The source alleged that the woman's motive was aimed at flexing her power in the criminal realm and proving the legitimacy of her threats. 

“On June 6, he paid me some Ksh10,000 that he owed me. While giving me the money, he said he wouldn’t wish to die without offsetting his debts. Earlier, an unknown woman had called and threatened to harm him to prove she was more of a ‘gangster’ than him," he stated. 

Further, a witness at the crime scene placed an unidentified woman with Mbae inside the vehicle on the fateful night.

The witness added that the woman, who appeared shaken after the incident, suddenly disappeared from the scene of the crime. 

"After the gunshot sounds faded, we rushed to the scene. A blood-stained and badly wounded Mbae was in the driver’s seat. A youthful woman came out of the rear seats while crying. Due to the moment’s shock and confusion, we rushed Mbae to the hospital and lost focus on the woman,' the witness recounted. 

The politician was described as a reformed man by his driver who spoke fondly of his character. He noted that Mbae had paid for his primary and secondary education before enrolling him in driving school. 

The driver added that on the fateful night, he had spent the better part of the day running errands for the Embu tycoon. In the morning, the driver affirmed that they met with Mbae at his pig farm, located a few metres from Bonanza area. 

He pointed out that the businessman interacted with his 30 workers and paid suppliers their money before leaving for his restaurant, Casablanca, where he spent the majority of his time. 

The driver, however, pointed out that Mbae kept receiving suspicious calls from a private number. 

"There was a private number that kept calling him, and every time he received the call, the caller would hang up after a tense moment of silence.”

At around 10 pm, the driver was requested by his boss to head home, to which he obliged. Minutes later, the driver was informed that Mbae had been shot by unknown assailants. 

The past life of the controversial politician had revealed that he had been arrested on numerous occasions due to drug trafficking. 

Detectives privy to the investigations had affirmed that they were investigating the evidence and recording witness statements in order to bring the culprits to book and find the motive of the murder.  

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