Open letter to Deputy President

Open letter to Deputy President

By Kiberenge Jnr

I hope this finds you well.

As the fourth coming election draws closer, things are turning upside down for you. I'm sure you can't believe it.

Your Excellency Deputy President William Ruto, today you find yourself in unfamiliar situation — going into an election which for the first time you don't have the advantage of state machinery which you enjoyed in 2013 and 2017. I really emphasize and sympathise with you.

It's very shocking if not surprising that you, of all the people, is lamenting about a plot to rig the forth coming election.

Most Kenyans can't believe it's the same Ruto of 2013 and 2017.

In 2013 and 2017 you were chest thumping and vituperating because you had the advantage of state machinery.

You had captured Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and you had the police, provincial administration and every other state institution.

 All state machineries were at your disposal for you to do whatever you desired, and you did it.

You were merciless in crushing any obstacles on your path.

You viciously defended IEBC, media, Joe Mucheru, Fred Matiang’i and Eugene Wamalwa.

Whenever Raila Odinga complained about Joe Mucheru and Matiang’i, you would viciously rant "Nataka kuambia mzee ya kitendawili awachane na Matiangi. Abishane na mimi na Uhuru".

I'm wondering whether Raila should say "Nataka kuambia Arap Mashamba awachane na Matiangi na Mucheru, abishane na mimi".

But the Raila I know will not do that. It really sounds awkward. But you have an opportunity to sleep in the bed that you prepared. You have been humbled man.

Dr Ruto, welcome to the other side of the political coin.

On this side you have to be constantly bitter, as you are now.

You have to complain against the state, IEBC, CSs, police, media and so on.

You have to keep on writing protest letters to IEBC and copying them to UN Security Council, ICC, AU. So far you are doing well in that regard.

That is precisely what Raila used to do to as late as 2017.

Indeed, Kenyans have of late noted that you always hit the roof whenever Joe Mucheru opens his mouth.

Mucheru looks like an innocent small-bodied person. But there is something about Mucheru that you really fear.

There is something you and Mucheru did in the 2017 election and you really fear it. When Mucheru says "nitalinda kura ya Baba", we Raila supporters do not know what he means.

But because that statement alone makes you hit the roof in protest, it draws our curiosity. It makes us conclude that there is a mysterious role Mucheru plays in an election, and that you played that role with him in 2017.

Mucheru is really scaring you.

Whenever Raila complained about election fraud, you thought it was his problem. Now it is dawning on you that it was not Raila's problem but Kenya's problem.

It must really scare you that Raila is no longer addressing weekly protest press conferences at Capitol Hill as he used to do in previous elections.

It really surprises us as Raila supporters that it's two months to elections and we are not on the streets protesting. Very unusual!

We are not used to an election without street protests.

You remember the "machozi Mondays". That is how your people named it. But as long as Baba is comfortable, we are adopting to the new norm. The thing is that we have noticed you really fear Mucheru, more than any other person.

Sir, you are now against opinion polls. You are bitterly dismissing their findings —  the same opinion pollers who were rating you high in 2019, 2020, 2021 and you had no problem with them then. Now you have suddenly hated them.

As the election draws closer, you will see a lot of things. Raila was there, he has walked that journey. He has endured a lot. I'm just wondering where you would be if you experience only a quarter of the suffering Raila has gone through — only a quarter.

Recently you met some EU delegation where you made a protest that 1 million of your votes have been deleted from the IEBC voter's register.

How did you know that 1m voters have been deleted?

How did you know they are your votes and not Raila's votes, or Wajakoyah's votes or Waihiga Mwaure's votes? It means you are illicitly accessing the voters register.

However what we know is that the 2017 IEBC register had ghost voters who were dead. We also witnessed scenarios where 10 year old children were given IDs and registered as voters.

I'm sure if any voters have been deleted, then they are the ghost voters of 2017.

Your claims of a plot to rig is either meant to psychologically prepare your supporters for the inevitable defeat.


Dr Ruto, your appointment of Rigathi Gachugua as your running mate was the worst political blunder you have ever made in your political life. I'm sure you are regretting.

You were to appoint Kithure Kindiki but state machinations duped you into settling on Gachagua, a man who has more enemies than friends.

Just as you were about to name Kindiki as your running mate, the state through its agents organised some crowds in Mathira to chant "No Rigathi, No Ruto". The chanting were transmitted live on Citizen Tv.

You fell for it, and named Gachagua. I always thought you were smart.

I'm sure if you were given an opportunity to change your running mate, you would do it very fast.

All in all it's now clear you are on the wrong side.

As the election draws closer, you are losing the little ground you have made for the last four years.


The appointment of Martha Karua was a master stroke that broke the camel's back.

You really worked hard to have Raila appoint Kalonzo Musyoka.

 You even shelved your bottom up ideology and held rallies in Ukambani to drum up support for the appointment of Kalonzo as Raila's running mate.

A Raila-Karua ticket was very scaring to you.

The next two months are going to be titanic, gruesome and painful.

You are going to watch helplessly as your quest goes in shambles.

It was totally wrong to sprint in a marathon where your competitor is Raila. You miscalculated big.

You are on the other side of the political coin.

Slowly by slowly you will understand the other side of politics you have never known.

People on this side do not become President on first attempt.

On this side, your victory must be stolen three times, before you qualify for a handshake, leave alone the Presidency.

Unfortunately, you have no votes to be stolen.

I wish you well as you embark on politics on this side.

But remember in everything you do, Kenya must remain peaceful.

Kenya is bigger than your ambition.

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