Debate on Raila mitumba remarks exposes UDA’s hypocrisy

Debate on Raila mitumba remarks exposes UDA’s hypocrisy

By Correspondent

I watched and listened keenly to the incoming 5th President of the Republic of Kenya, Raila Odinga alias Baba talking during the launch of the Azimio manifesto.

 Baba said his government will revive the cotton farming, cotton industry, and promote textile manufacturing, so that we can buy Kenyan made clothes and build Kenya.

He further said the plan is not to put the mitumba traders out of business, but as stakeholders they will be given the first priority in the new arrangement.

He said the programme will enhance the dignity of Kenyans by wearing new and good quality clothes and not mitumba that is sourced from clothes donated by families of the deceased in the West!

 It is a fact that clothes belonging to deceased persons and used and discarded clothes and donations are packaged and shipped to Africa for sale.

There is a cartel at both ends of the ocean who benefit from the trade.

The negative impact of the trade is the impoverishment of cotton farmers and the closure of textile industries.

I remember in the 80's our local football teams: Kiambaa Sharpshooters and Karuri Thunderstorm used to play teams from textile factories based in Thika and Industrial Area.

 Some of our youth who were good in football were recruited by the coaches of the visiting teams and given jobs at their factories. 

When the industry collapsed, they were rendered jobless.

 Today, they are wrecks who wallow in poverty and second generation alcoholic drinks abuse!

The UDA misfits have been shouting about agriculture, agro-processing and value addition; and manufacturing.

The UDA should have supported the revival of cotton farming, as that would promote agriculture. They should have supported revivalists of cotton industry as that would help in manufacturing, agro-processing and value addition.

William Ruto had himself said that he will ban importation of mitumba.

But today he and his UDA brigade are trying to twist the words of Baba to try and incite the traders and hence gain political mileage.

That is conmanship of the highest order!

There is also the neocolonial element of impoverishing Africa and creating dependency and encouraging capital flight from Africa to the banks in the West!

We should follow the example of Rwanda, that banned mitumba and it's doing well in textile manufacturing.

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