Kudos to team behind colourful Raila manifesto launch

Kudos to team behind colourful Raila manifesto launch

By Correspondent

I will give credit to the team behind marketing and branding of Azimio One Kenya coalition manifesto launch last Monday.

From the colours, messaging, image and character, I will not be surprised that this is the same team that was behind the Jubilee Party launch.

It's conspicuous that Baba (Raila Odinga) is now not as combative as he was under the defunct National Super Alliance (NASA).

At the launch, he was composed, friendly and frequently smiling.

The aggressive John Mbadi, James Orengo and Millie Odhiambo were missing or had little airtime on the podium.

This was obviously deliberate and well calculated.

 Baba now has a national outlook and his character and style are that of a father figure.

No more tialalas and tibim. The people who appeared on the podium are mature and disciplined.

For the first time since 2002, this election will be won without teargas or demonstrations.

This is a Job well executed.

Well put! I still think behind the scenes, they have Uhuru Kenyatta, the political master chess player.

For the first time, youth radicalisation is missing in Baba.

 For the first time, Baba is telling his followers our competitors are not our enemies.

 For the first time, Baba is telling people pulling down competitors posts is retrogressive politics.

 It can only mean one thing... The perpetrators of 2007 post-election violence are not with us.

 People don't change overnight... All along Baba was not that bad. We are yet to know this man.

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