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Ruto a threat to press freedom

Ruto a threat to press freedom
By Correspondent
Press freedom, which is enshrined in the Constitution, is being threatened by Kenya Kwanza which comprises Deputy President William Ruto's United Democratic Alliance (UDA), Musalia Mudavadi's Amani National Congress (AN) and Moses Wetang'ula's Ford-Kenya.
If Ruto and Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua are elected President and Deputy, Kenya will slide back to the dark days of the 1980s and 90s of repression and dictatorship. 
We have worked hard to achieve the gains of freedom. 
There are many journalists who suffered from torture and humiliation by state agents during the brutal Daniel arap Moi's Regime. 
They include Njehu Gatabaki of "Finance Magazine ",  Gitobu Imanyara (pictured) of "Nairobi Law Monthly", Pius Nyamora of "Society", Bidan Mbugua of 'Beyond",  Blamuel Njururi of "Kenya Confidential", Mburu Muchoki of "The Independent", Maneno Mwikabe of the "Dispatch" and Tom Alwaka of "Weekly Citizen", among others. 
To get historical background and  the context of where we came from, I suggest Kenyans read the following articles: 
1. "The Printer, the Press and the Law" by Kathurima M'Inoti ( now a Judge in the Court of Appeal). It is the book titled: "Constitutional Law and Politics in Africa' ,
2. "Towards a Free and Independent Press"  by S. Kichamu Akivaga and Kivutha Kibwana. It is in a book titled: ' Yearning for Democracy'.
3. " Press Law : some home truths" and " Mass Media in Assessing the Current Situation' by Kibisu Kabatesi. 
And " Information technology and freedom of the Press" by Kibisu Kabatesi and Hudson Liyai.  They are in a book titled; " Democratisation and Law Reform in Kenya"
Press freedom is linked to our freedom of expression and right to access information. 
It will be a disaster to vote in UDA who by their words and deeds have indicated they would reverse those gains! 
Any person who values humanity and freedom should vote against UDA. 
Baba Raila Odinga is a respecter of press freedom. He has been portrayed by some media in very bad light. Propagandas have been written about him. Yet he has never castigated any media or journalist. 
He has never approached the court to seek restraint or libel damages! 
He may disagree with you but he can go to any length to protect your right to say it. 
Comrade Wafula Buke sometimes back wrote an interesting piece that give us a sneak view of Raila's believes and character. 
He wrote that at one time they went on a campaign and found a hostile youth group who jeered and threw abuses against them. 
Raila allowed the youth to express themselves. Later, he talked to them. He told them he could not limit their freedoms as he had gone to jail so that they can gain that freedom. 
In the end, the youth who were grumbling before, were now praising and appreciating Baba. 
Just recently, we have seen when some attempt to disrupt his meetings or gain access to him, he tells the security " muache, muache...' and he gives them a hearing. 
Compare that with Ruto. Ruto tells, them ' wacheni kiburi,  nendeni mkatengeneze mkutano yenu.' 
We shall be safe in Baba Raila because our rights and freedoms will be respected. UDA will repress and oppress us!

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