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Martha Karua message to Kikuyu

Martha Karua message to Kikuyu

 By Martha Karua

To our non Gîkûyû speakers I got your back...

Martha Karua at Inooro TV with Francis Gachuri;

1 "For those sponsoring hecklers and goons to shout other leaders down, they should stop misusing the children of the poor; let them assign their own children to heckle or themselves to show up and grab microphone from me..."

2. "My association with Raila Odinga and by large the whole Azimio coalition speaks to the people; geographically and demographically. Since I accepted to run alongside Raila, I have toured my turf, several Mt. Kenya Counties and today we jointly rallied Narok and there is invigoration and excitement..."

3. "The narrative that Mt. Kenya went with the other side is being overtaken. The region has been lacking people to engage them and show them the route and path to follow..."

4. "The question of BBI and my stoic fight against it was my personal take; it's a democratic space that everyone is independent to take a different take as provided for in the Constitution. I and Raila are running for presidency devoid of the later..."

5. "In the chance that our ticket wins, I will submit to the president and the presidency. It's a privilege that he chose me to run with him and if by chance we disagree, May God remind me of it; I can't wish any Government the stand of I have seen in the Government of the day..."

6. "Those demonizing law enforcing agencies and playing politics with the fight against corruption snarl progress in our country. The pledge Raila and I are making is to vigorously fighting corruption. The other side has never condemned corruption... Or have you ever heard them fighting it...?"

7. "We are promising our people; when you see Hon Peter Munya and reflect on what he has achieved in the short time he has handled Agriculture sector, figure out what he can achieve with the heavy collection of related departmental entries as promised in the Azimio Government..."

8. "On and about Justice and reforms, I am promising a robust fight against impunity that has defined our Judicial systems. I will inculcate and emphasize on value for justice and its application..."

9. "Where wars and feuds dominate, collapse is imminent; I wouldn't want to have a government that is a tower of Babel..."

10. "It's utter disrespect to even think that I am a project of anyone; Raila Odinga himself is a veteran politician who has maintained consistency even in the hardest of moments and calling him a project of anyone is insulting him..."

11. " Raila was never rejected in Mt. Kenya; he was not voted for just because the region had its candidate then. Now he is the region's candidate and that's why it's easy to sell him..."

12. " People say that I resigned in the Kibaki's regime; those who are keen will tell you that I didn't resign from the job I was shouldering for the people. I served the Gîchugu people till the last minute. The job description in Azimio and the position I hold, I don't think there will be anything like resigning..."

13. " In the metaphorical language; I said that in a homestead, parents know the degree of obedience of each child. They know honesty of the kids as well and hence they know who to send where..."

14. "In the region, the political rain is pouring and planting is due. I have started planting, I will go back and water and weed and eventually will harvest..."

15. "Kalonzo's predicaments are within his own self to deal with; he is not far from us and he can only engage H.E Raila for his return in team Azimio..."

16. "In clean, clear, transparent and credible elections, a winner will be easily identified and the loser will bow with acceptance..." 


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