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How slain thug used women to steal from revelers

How slain thug used women to steal from revelers

By Correspondent

A man killed by a lone gunman along Mirema Drive had recruited over 50 women who he deployed in major cities to steal from revelers patronising popular entertainment spots.

A series put together by detectives based at DCI’s Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Unit, expose the mysterious life of Samuel Mugo Mugota (pictured), who was shot dead in what police believe was a deal gone sour.

They also lay bare the extent at which the women go to in administering a drug given to mentally unstable patients at Mathare Mental Hospital but which is commonly referred to as Mchele (Pishori) or ‘Tamuu’ and is categorised into four: tamuu red, tamuu green, tamuu white and tamuu blue.

The drug is administered in doses, depending on one’s immunity with the DCI saying men with high blood pressure can’t wake up after the first dose. Mugota had deployed such women in different towns in shifts.

In Nairobi, they frequented club Switch in Kasarani, Whisky River along Kiambu road, Red Lion in Ruaka, Oklahoma Choma Zone, Lacascada, Aroma, Backroom, Mkwanju, Dragon and other clubs along Kamiti road from Roysambu, 44 and Zimmerman.

If a man was very careful with his drink, the ladies would offer him an energy drink claiming that he was too drunk and not up to the task ahead.

This would be followed by soft smooches that that would stupefy the man in minutes.

If the trick failed to work, they would escort a man (in case he was single) to his house and prepare coffee or scrambled eggs, for the man to eat.

Interestingly, none of the men who reported being stupefied remembers being intimate with any of the women.

To avoid any suspicion, the women who were well briefed on their assignment ordered expensive liquor, convincing the male patrons on nearby tables that they were ordinary revelers moistening their thirsty throats.

The bills would however be forwarded to Mugota, who would clear them from his base of operation in Roysambu or Githurai 44.

According to the DCI Mugota operated in over six cars among them Nissan Ex-trails, Toyota Fielders, Honda CRV’s among others and was always on the move.

Mugota was well updated in his trade to the extent that he knew all the ATM’s within the city and its environs without a CCVT camera.

To avoid detection, he introduced himself as a police inspector based at Kiambu, and true caller identified him as Inspector Morris-Kiambu.

Preliminary investigations indicate that he had fallen out with some of his partners, who fled to a neighbouring country immediately after the murder. 

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