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Mary Wambui abuses Uhuru during Speaker Muturi’s birthday party

Mary Wambui abuses Uhuru during Speaker Muturi’s birthday party

By Correspondent

Controversial businesswoman who is one of Deputy President William Ruto's sponsors, Mary Wambui Mungai (pictured with Speaker Justin Muturi) caused a stir when she abused President Uhuru Kenyatta in the presence of the head of state's cousin, Kung'u Muigai at a birthday party held last weekend.

Wambui had organised a private party for National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi who was turning 66.

Among those invited was Muigai, who was at the same table as the businesswoman.

During the speeches, she narrated the pain the Jubilee government had caused her and lightly chided the retired army captain that his cousin was a modern-day coloniser, from whom God intended to free the people. 

Wambui further revealed that Ruto had assigned her the special task of convincing Muturi to support his presidential bid.

She added that it took her years to convince the Speaker, who is among Uhuru's closest friends to ditch him.

"I pleaded with the speaker for three years and almost fought with his people as I tried to persuade him. But now he has come to our side in Kenya Kwanza.

"I told Ruto, let us join hands together with JB so that we can save Kenya from the captivity of the colonialists, because we have one, even if he is your brother," the billionaire stated as she tapped Muigai. 

When Kung'u's turn to speak, he avoided the attack on his cousin but stated that as a family, they exercised democracy where everyone was allowed freedom of thought.

"Ours is a big family and we have embraced modernity. People have different opinions but when we meet for family functions, we don't discuss politics

He, however, explained that he would support Ruto under Muturi's DP party.

 He cited the famous promise Uhuru had made to serve for ten years and support his deputy for another decade as the basis for his support. 

"I met Muturi through my cousin while they were young men. I have nurtured them and we have come a long way. I may not have all the answers but in the coming days, you will see his dreams come true. 

Wambui is facing Ksh2.5 billion tax evasion case her company, Purma Holdings made while trading with the government. She won tenders with the government between 2014 and 2019.

At one point, she is reported to have sought refuge at the Weston Hotel, where the DP is listed as a shareholder when she was under the radar of police officers before she surrendered herself to court.

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