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Does Rachel Ruto run a brother at Yaya Centre?

Does Rachel Ruto run a brother at Yaya Centre? 
By John Kamau, Editor, (
Deputy President William Ruto's wife, Rachel (pictured), who claims to be a staunch Christian and even has powers to perform miracles, runs a brothel in Nairobi, Thingira News has reliably established. 
According to a Kenyan, Dr Ngugi Kimonjo, Rachel is a wolf in sheep’s skin.
Dr Kimonjo reveals that the wife to the second in command is just another Jezebel of the modern days and will do anything to earn political mileage. 
He wonders why Rachel cannot pray for her husband who is a murderer and looter to change his ways.
“Rachel Ruto is a con, she is a version of Jezebel and that is why she pretends to be more religious but her religiosity does not help her nor her husband who is a land grabber and a murderer,” Dr Kimonjo said.
He disclosed that Rachel is a well known businesswoman who owns the luxurious Chia Lounge at Yaya Centre. 
The lounge is a well known and established male gay brothel found in the Ground Floor of Yaya Center where people pay millions of shillings to get membership.
“If you go to Yaya Center, Ground Floor, ask for Chia Lounge, it is a male gay brothel. They pay millions. It is owned by Rachel Ruto and that is a fact. But when you see her swing her long dresses shouting Jesus is Lord. Bure kabisa,” Dr Kimonjo said.
Others who criticised Rachel for claiming to perform miracles included Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.
The MP challenged her to pray for her husband to have a kind heart and stop killing innocent Kenyans and land grabbing.
Rachel's claim came even as Ruto was  accused of having a special room, 350 at his Weston Hotel for sexual escapades with desperate women.
Many Kenyans were not happy with Rachel after she claimed to have prayed until a miracle happened, an incident which have led to Kenyans including national leaders attacking her.
Rachel said she prayed for the impure borehole water at their Karen residence and it turned clean.
This, she said, happened after they had been plagued with water issues for a long time and tried all manner of means to solve it, to no success.
She narrated how Ruto was at one time even forced to spend a lot of money on a purification machine, but which eventually also amounted to naught.
According to Rachel, the Lord then reminded her of the story in the Bible of Elisha and the people of Jericho in 2 Kings 2:19-22.

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