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Remove ‘penis’ symbolism in billboards, clergymen tell Ruto

Remove ‘penis’ symbolism in billboards, clergymen tell Ruto

By John Kamau, Editor, (

Clergymen in Kenya have told the Kenya Kwanza brigade led by Deputy President William Ruto to redesign the 'Ruto for President' campaign posters as they seem to portray a penis at the letter 'R'.

The Kenya Kwanza brigade has erected several billboards in various regions in Nairobi and also used them to advertise Ruto’s presidential bid in the August 9 General Election.

But the clergymen and Kenyans were shocked to see a phallic feature intruding into letter R in the billboards which is the first letter of United Democratic Alliance (UDA's) flag-bearer, Ruto.

The church leaders demanded that Ruto pulls down the billboards and use a normal letter R in the name.

 On pastor even called Ruto saying: "Hii mambo itafanya watu wafikirie mambo ingine, Kwanini hio R iko na sehemu ya siri ya mwanaume ikiingia ndani yake. Tunaomba kiongozi wetu Ruto atoe hio neno kwasababu Kenya ni nchi ya mungu".

The UDA party has in the past been criticised for using sex to award nomination tickets to women leaders. Several women who wanted nomination tickets accused UDA leadership of taking them to "ROOM 350" at Weston Hotel where they were subjected to offering sexual favours in order to acquire the tickets.

A few weeks ago, Kirinyaga woman representative Wangui Ngirici shocked Kenyans when she claimed on social media that "she cannot drop her pants in Karen" so as to be recognised as a candidate.

This comes as Church leaders drawn from the Federation of Evangelical and Indigenous Christian Churches who have been frequenting Ruto’s Karen residence for handouts endorsed him for presidency.

The Federation’s Chairman Bishop Samuel Njiriri said their endorsement is based on Ruto’s beliefs as a Christian.

Njiriri said as men of God they have scanned all leaders who have presented themselves for leadership, and they are convinced that the DP is the right person to take over from President Uhuru Kenyatta whose second and final term ends in August.

The Secretary General Bishop David Thagana affirmed their position, saying Ruto is God fearing, prayerful and that he genuinely cares for the poor people.

But other church leaders denounced the endorsement, asserting they were not consulted.

They urged the faithful to scrutinise all the candidates' conduct and reject those associated with devil worship and corruption.

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