We should thank God and appreciate the 10 years of Uhuru

We should thank God and appreciate the 10 years of Uhuru

By Correspondent

We may be strained, thus become bitter. But if we build on the bold infrastructure development we can actually turn our country into a real middle income Economy.

Instead of complaining about this and that, we can actually spring into a major export hub.

Due to bold decisions made by President Uhuru Kenyatta at an extremely high cost, parts of Kenya that were totally locked out are now accessible.

We may never understand the impact until we put some things into perspective.

President Mwai Kibaki and former Cabinet Minister, late Tom Mboya were the authors of the Sessional Paper No. 10 of 1965 that emphasized development in high potential areas, and encouraging people to move from low potential areas to the high potential areas.

For instance, resources would be poured into areas like Kitale, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nairobi and Mombasa. And people move to the areas.

But Uhuru broke the trend and made serious investment in roads to the North.

He literally doubled the size of Kenya.

Since half of Kenya was totally cut off from the rest the country.

We have 3 key roads

On the extreme West we have the Kitale-Lokichogio Super Highway, and affiliated roads into Pokot and Kerio Valley at a cost of about Sh80 billion.

In the middle we have the 500km Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale Highway which was completed in 2015 at a cost of Sh42 billion.

And right now the Sh84.1 billion road project to spur development in North Eastern. The project includes the tarmacking of the 748km Isiolo- Wajir-Mandera road.

Garissa County will benefit from the construction of the 127km Kulamawe – Modogashe and the 68km Modogashe - Habaswein – Samatar roads.

So, Uhuru poured Sh200 billion into Northern Kenya, fully opening places that were condemned to be stone age forever by the Sessional Paper No. 10 of 1965.

What is the impact?

With proper planning and strategy, the three roads can transform Kenya into the regional food basket.

As Alex Chamwada explained in his Daring Abroad show, where he featured Turkana Aquifers, the water can be used for irrigation.

Though some government officials claim that the water is not fit, the French Researchers in Turkana say that the fresh water can feed 5 million acres without strain. Imagine 5 million acres under Maize, rice and wheat. What would that do to the Kenyan Economy?

Imagine 3 million acres under sunflower. That can produce enough cooking oil and save us billions we use to import. And help us get chicken feed.

Besides the Lake Turkana fish will get to the market faster.

The Moyale route opens up Ethiopia and potential farming. Same to the Garisa-Mandera highway.

Northern Kenya can actually feed the region.

Kenya has potential and Uhuru has taken bold steps to help us achieve the potential.

Whoever takes over from him can actually turn this dream into reality.

I refuse to hate Uhuru, instead I choose to celebrate him and thank God for him.

Some of us who used to take 10 days to and from Todonyang Beach in Lake Turkana now take 2 days fully understand the Uhuru miracle.

President Uhuru, we love you very much and fully appreciate your bold decision to make Kenya one. Economically.

Mumpende musimpende, Like him or hate him, he has done his development bit !!

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