Mind manipulation by negative politicians major cause of woes in Kenya

Mind manipulation by negative politicians major cause of woes in Kenya

By Dick Kamau

 It is not about the deep state as such. It is about the law of attraction and vibration. Like, attracts like.

 The people we blame are all the product of the common programming by society and environment one is in.

It is a scientific fact that there exists several ways of manipulating or conditioning someone's mind to do the things that can't do when operating via free will away from control of one's mind.

There are several common mind altering ways. The most common is mass hypnosis, the second being subliminal mind programming.

Ask any athletes about this and they will confirm that one has to see oneself as a winner before even starting the race.

There are many ways that are used by people who want to capture other people’s minds to use them for their selfish attainments such as power and wealth.

The amazing thing is that the Kenyan society has been conditioned to believe that one has to steal money to be rich. That one can always get away with it.

Our people admire thieves.  If an honest person retires without becoming rich, one is taken to have been a fool. Questions fly from all corners asking the person why he behaved like a fool while he or she was having millions under his control and couldn't help himself with it.

 One loses friends and even relatives keep away from the honest fellow. Hence the saying ...afadhali mwizi anatugawia kitu.

Look at how the Kenyan majority people behave when elections come. Using all manner of coercion they dry milk aspirants while promising to vote for them. They promise their vote to every aspirant who comes close to them.

 In fact they move around looking out for the next aspirant to milk and drop.

The aspirants also plan ahead that after they win they aren't going to deliver the whole cake to the voters.

 3/4 of the cake goes with the honourables.

 But still because of the society programming  people still admire the missing in action stealing honourable.

Just listen to the social media. If you aren't so deeply programmed you can notice that the society is being manipulated dangerously when politicians promise riches to the poor confused population.

There is not a single TV or radio station that isn't being used to condition people's minds in many ways. Music, drama and speeches are all geared to make you react in a certain way that is of benefit to the person behind the programming. Many mind altering narratives and slogans are used.

 The narratives are tailored to get into the young heads that are already hijacked. Programming happens almost everywhere in this world but not always for the bad reason. Look at what is happening in Ukraine and realise that soldiers are not Red-cross workers.

Their minds have been programmed to kill and they get paid for that.

Look at the companies that make war machines in the name of peace. Bombs make no peace. Bullets save no lives. War machine companies make money in times of war.

Somehow they too influence war and never want wars to end. Taxpayers’ money is used that way and all you see is destruction and misery in war zones. Kenya is not at war. But war against poverty is becoming less and less successful because of mind conditioning that makes people love thieves stealing not only their money and property but causing deaths that would be avoided if our tax monies are used justly for the good of all.

 Unless we have a revolutionary of the mind, to do away with the current mind manipulation by negative politicians, some negative cults and religions and big businesses, the prevailing situation will remain the same or worse for years to come.

The final liberation and the most important  for Kenya shall be that of deprograming the mind of the society and replacing the negative apps with positive vibrations. It can be done.

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