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Open letter to GEMA on Ruto presidency

Open letter to GEMA on Ruto presidency

By Njoroge M’Kaberia_

Dear Gemas, it is still 41 against 1 just like it was in 2007 General Election.

Believe it or not but take it to the bank and thank me later for investing in the whole truth.

Yes, the number of tribes in Kenya has increased so it is more like 46 against 1.

Do not focus on the big number. Focus on one (1) because that one (1) represents you, the GEMA.

You are isolated. You are fingered. You are cornered.  And the funny thing is: Most of you are living in denial! You believe you are loved. You believe that Kenya is a tribeless society, that Kenyans have transcended the tribe.

That tribal identity does not matter in politics, although every other community is retaining their tribal identity and voting as a block.

You believe, strangely I must say, that a William Ruto, who went to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for organising to murder your people in the Rift Valley is the same as Uhuru Kenyatta, who went to the ICC because he tried to defend you.

You are a community that cannot tell the difference between Nazis and Jews.

You now believe that the butcher is leading you on the right path to peace and prosperity and everlasting life, and that it is the shepherd who is misleading you when he tries to take you home to the comfort and protection of the shed in the homestead.

This is supposed to be a brief letter, so let me get to the point. The best illustration that you are isolated and cornered and almost knifed (and you will be knifed) is the insistent that you do not deserve the running mate position.

In Azimio, the post is being claimed by our estranged cousins, the Kamba, who have fronted Kalonzo Musyoka and Alfred Mutua for the position.

Your sons Peter Munya, Lee Kinyanjui, Martha Karua (for Martha fights like a son!), Peter Kenneth, are all said not to be deserving.

 They are being shunted aside without as much as an explanation why.

The position is also being claimed by Cyrus Jirongo, Gideon Moi, Wycliff Oparanya, among others.

All of them are non-GEMA, in case you didn’t know!

In UDA, we had high hopes that our son Rigathi Gachagua, could be appointed Ruto’s running mate. The beauty of Gachagua is that we know for sure that if there is anybody who can dispatch Ruto to his maker, it is Gachagua, who also occupies the slot for Kenya’s most important thief after Ruto.

Then clever Ruto made us believe that the running mate slot would go to Prof Kithure Kindiki.

All over a sudden, the vote-less Kindiki became eloquent.

 Then we heard that he has been shunted aside in favour of Ndindi Nyoro, who was in turn abandoned when his fertility issues* became a burden to the presidential ticket and Alice Wahome started being considered.

But she too has been abandoned despite being made to utter unpronounceable insults to prove her political worth.

 Same with Moses Kuria, who it is feared, might urinate on himself at the height of the campaign and affect the ticket negatively – or go back to Azimio if he is not paid enough money.

Forget about William Kabogo even before you consider him! He is haunted by the ghost of the girl who was murdered at Kabogo’s party. 

Last week, the seat was promised to Justin Muturi to make him defect to UDA, which he did. Unfortunately, he has since last week been drinking whiskey bought with the money he was paid to defect.

Forget rumours that he is secluded in a forest and is stuck naked as he undergoes Kikuyu rituals.

He doesn’t know what is happening.

The seat will go to Musalia Mudavadi. No debate about it. Musalia is attractive to Ruto because he has no spine and can steal anything.

After all, he once stole a graveyard, a piece of land Ruto fears to steal and has NEVER attempted to steal, preferring to steal sewerage land instead. Before that, Mudavadi had stolen Sh80 billion shillings as he presided over the Goldenberg scandal when he was Minister for Finance.

Here is the point – GEMA is not being considered for running mate position by any of the factions in Kenya politics. Sad.

And it is happening because the GEMA community is divided. Obviously, a house divided cannot stand.

The next time GEMA captures power will be in 2052. My good people, enjoy the cold season!

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