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Unanswered questions in Nyeri Second Governor Wahome Gakuru’s death

Unanswered questions in Nyeri Second Governor Wahome Gakuru’s death

By Correspondent

On the fateful day the Nyeri Second Governor Wahome Gakuru (pictured) passed on, he had woken up early to travel from Nyeri to Nairobi for an interview at Inooro TV.

At around 6am when he had reached Kabati town, his vehicle crashed into a guard rail that tore through his car.

The guard rail cut off one of his thighs and injured his leg as it went through the car, eventually cutting the bodyguard’s leg and Personal Assistant’s finger.

The rest of the governor’s body appeared untouched as per photos appearing in the media with no blood stain in his white shirt.

When the governor’s chase car stopped, the officers went to the rescue of their boss, whom they found to be conscious and in full control of his senses.

He requested to be evacuated from the wreckage and given painkiller to curb the shock and pain.

However, they found it hard to remove the governor from the space between his front passenger seat and dashboard.

 They called several people from the county government for assistance. Those they called included chief of staff Paul Wambugu and then deputy governor Mutahi Kahiga.

The seniors promised they would send help though no help came. Not even an ambulance or additional police to safeguard the governor who was surrounded by a mob.

After waiting for a while, it was decided by officials from Nyeri county government the chase car leaves governor and takes the bodyguard and PA to hospital.

 The chase car did not return.

After waiting for a while, a man named Wachira Keen arrived at the scene and volunteered to take the Governor to hospital.

 It later emerged that Keen is one of Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua's business partners and has been adversely mentioned in the corruption cases against the MP.

 They arrived an hour later at the Thika Level 5 Hospital.

Upon arrival, they were shocked to find some ambulances parked in the compound though none was available to come to the rescue of their boss.

 An intern testified in court during the inquest that the governor appeared pale.

Several questions arise from the mysterious death Gakuru

1. Why were there no concerted efforts to rescue him from the scene?

2. Why was his security chase car that is dedicated to his security ordered to leave him trapped in a damaged Mercedes and not return? Who gave this cruel order?

3. Why was no additional security provided for the governor as he stayed stuck in a damaged vehicle for almost an hour?

4. Why were members of the public allowed to access the wreckage with the Governor inside and why wasn't the scene cordoned off?

5. Where did his phone go and could not be tracked to date yet it was ringing up to two days after the incident?

6. Why was his immediate family kept in the dark about the series of events that morning and only learnt of it from the media?

7. Why was Catherine - an estranged wife - the only one informed and who right after his burial sought sole administration of all his properties to the exclusion of his parents, siblings and son with another woman?

8. Who treated the PA and bodyguard at the Thika Level 5 hospital but was unavailable for the governor less than an hour thereafter, so that no one was available to treat the governor other than an intern at the hospital?

9. Why did the post-Mortem report indicate bleeding in the governor's brain consistent with severe force to the head by a blunt object yet he was held tight to his seat by seat belt tightly enough to break some ribs and vehicle had no other damage other than guardrail rip?

11. Why is it that most of the companies which were paid soon after the death have since been mentioned adversely as part of an ongoing corruption court case involving Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua?

 The current Nyeri CeC for finance who was also instrumental in authorising the payment of pending bills was a Gachagua’s CeC.

15. Despite the bitter rivalry between Governor Gakuru and the Gachagua family from 2013, why did his deputy, Mutahi Kahiga strike a very close relationship with the Gachaguas immediately after Gakuru's death?

16. How did it just happen that Wachira Keen, a known associate of Rigathi Gachagua, found himself to be travelling to Nairobi at the time the accident happened?

17. Governor Kahiga and MP Rigathi have been mentioned as persons of interest in the mysterious death of Gakuru and have since been summoned to appear before the judge. However they have rushed to Court seeking an order to stop the inquest from unraveling the matter. Why are they trying to stop the inquest? What are they hiding? 

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