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How Uganda police foiled plan to kill Uhuru

How Uganda police foiled plan to kill Uhuru

By John Kamau

Editor, (

A Ugandan publication has detailed how a plan by Deputy President William Ruto to kill his boss while visiting the neighbouring country was foiled by the country’s security agencies.

The publication confirmed Uganda’s Internal Security Organisation (ISO) arrested a Lebanese national who had been paid by Ruto to assassinate President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to the publication, this could have been the reason the Deputy President was denied entry into Uganda when he was travelling with Turkish national, Harun Aydin who was later deported from Kenya on suspicion of terrorism activities.

 The publication quotes a leaked transcript from a confidential source showing the interrogation of the Lebanese national who was arrested in July.

In the report, the man shares dates when he allegedly met with Ruto in Uganda and several details of a failed assassination planned by the Deputy President against his boss.

The publication confirmed some of the dates of the meetings based on the many frequent personal trips Ruto had taken to the neighbouring countries such as a personal trip to Sudan in July 2019 which he took privately from his Eldoret home town to Khartoum.

The publication also revealed that it was a personal aide to Ruto, Farouk Kibet, who handed the hired killers the President's schedule on the day of the planned attack.

It would appear that Ruto was stopped from entering Uganda based on the intelligence report in order to stop him from meeting the killers and allowing them to go on with their plans.

It was strange for Ruto to be stopped since he had been to Uganda less than a month before on a personal visit to President Yoweri Museveni and with Aydin who was posing as an investor in Kenya and Uganda.

The money they had promised to invest in Uganda was part of a cover up to pay the killers.

The transcript of the interrogation of the Lebanese national arrested at Entebbe International Airport, Uganda, on 17th July 2019 under suspicion of participating in a criminal plot shows how the mission was to be executed.

The interrogation conducted by Uganda’s Deputy Inspector on 2nd July 2019 and done in accordance with United Nations Standard Minimum Rules on the treatment of detainees and prisoners saw the Lebanese national expose a plot to kill Uhuru.

The transcript gives credence to assertions by businessman Stanley Livondo that a person he did not name tried to assassinate President Uhuru Kenyatta twice.

Speaking after he was summoned by police to record a statement, Livondo while asking for his security to be boosted revealed some people tried to attack a presidential jet with intention of killing the president.

In the transcript, the Lebanese national reveals he was intercepted at Entebbe International Airport as he planned to execute a mission of eliminating a high ranking Kenyan.

The Lebanese national told the sleuths he had been provided with two passports, a fake one he was to use in case the mission aborted and he had to sneak to Kenya where a prominent figure was to facilitate his way to Sudan.

He said there is a safe house in Atbara, Sudan where he was to meet Osama Abdelatiff alias Daoud who was the key man in the mission.

The Lebanese national added that Daoud had dispatched him to Kampala where he was to link up with Turkish national, Harun Aydin.

He told the sleuths Daoud had arranged a meeting with a client in Uganda but he (Daoud) was not able to travel and instead sent him.

He said the mission was to kill someone and it had to be done by a foreigner and in Uganda.

He alluded to Livondo’s assertions that there was a mission to kill the target in Kenya but it aborted after it leaked.

He revealed that ODM leader Raila Odinga learnt of the plan and informed the target, scuttling the killer’s plans.

The Lebanese national told the sleuths he met a man identified as Farouk in Khartoum where he had been sent by the client to deliver payment and confirm the hired killer was eliminated after the mission aborted.

He added that was before July 5th before Daoud instructed him to go to Kampala to meet Aydin and the client.

The Lebanese national said he had travelled with Farouk to Atbara where he met William Ruto, who he was informed was Kenya’s Deputy President.

He revealed that he was to receive payment on behalf of Daoud which amounted to Sh10 million.

He added that Daoud had hired a killer to eliminate the killer but mission aborted due to leakage.

He revealed that the hired killer was to be eliminated and the mission was to be executed in Sudan.

On the mission at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the Lebanese national told the sleuths a prominent figure in Kenya was to secure the killer a job as a cleaner at the airport.

He said the killer was to be a suicide bomber and had been hired from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

He added that they faked the killer’s identity card to read he was a student and then Farouk was to get someone to get him inside the airport.

But the mission aborted after it leaked. 

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