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Ruto behind fuel shortage in Kenya

Ruto behind fuel shortage in Kenya

By John Kamau, Editor (

Deputy President William Ruto is behind the fuel crisis being experienced in Kenya, Thingira News can authoritatively report.

The artificial shortage is a ploy by Ruto to raise campaigns funds as the August 9 General Election approaches where he is the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate.

The Deputy President, having found himself without adequate resources to fund his presidential bid, is using a firm he controls, Stabex Ltd to blackmail the government to pay Sh32 billion to oil firms before the firms release fuel to petrol stations across the country.

It all started on Saturday, March 26 when fuel shortage was reported in Eldoret which was followed by a social media sponsored panic campaign.

 The social media campaign was bankrolled by Ruto.

Come Wednesday, March 30th, Stabex Ltd which is co-owned by Ruto and other directors mainly from Rift Valley demanded Sh32 billion from the government to release fuel.

On Friday, April 1, Stabex Ltd reportedly diverted 90 per cent fuel imports to Kenya into Uganda.

There are reports 800,000 litres of fuel are stored in Sugoi residence of the Deputy President awaiting the government’s payment.

Come Sunday, April 3, artificial shortage by Stabex Ltd extended as other importers threatened to not supply until government pays Sh32 billion to Stabex.

Stabex International Limited is an independent oil and gas marketing Company incorporated in 2009. The Company operates in East and Central Africa with its retail distribution network spreading in Kenya and Uganda. 

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