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Raila almost Killed in Soy Constituency , Uasin Gishu

Raila almost Killed in Soy Constituency , Uasin Gishu

By Justus Karanja

Azimio la Umoja – Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s chopper was hurled with stones and arrows, cow dung and spears by Kalenjin goons paid by Soy MP Caleb Kositany, Kapsaret’s Oscar Sudi and Uasin Gishu governor Jackson Mandago under the instructions of Deputy President William Ruto.

 Over Sh2 million was rumoured to have been splashed at a certain hotel to the goons hours before Raila’s  arrival.

The helicopter was permanently destroyed, some parts taken as scrap metals by the goons.

Raila had to seek safety in a nearby police post.

He was later escorted by the County Police Commander to safety and later flew to Nairobi.

The Kalenjin goons were chanting Nandi war songs, swearing allegiance and loyalty to Sudi and Ruto.

 This is the same county where non-residents were burnt alive in a church during the 2007/09 post-election violence.

 Over 300 Kikuyus were burnt in PAG Kiambaa church massacre. They included children and women.

The lord of war, killings, violence has shown the signs. Ruto should not gamble what he can't swallow.

After the incident Raila tweeted:

A while ago, I witnessed what should worry every Kenyan keen to protect the freedom of speech, association and multipartysm that we fought hard and long to get.

The threat came in the form of youth; mobilised, armed and paid to cause mayhem and disorder, destroy property and even take away lives in a bid to create political zones in the country.

In the event that took place at Kabenes in Uasin Gishu, youth attacked my plane, destroying the air shield with rocks that were clearly aimed at me.

 On my way to the plane, they had pelted my vehicles with stones.

My mistake was to attend the burial of my long time friend Mr Jackson Kibor.

 I thank the security officers who did everything to ensure our safety.

The attacks present a very dark reminder of what this country has witnessed before, particularly in the run up to the 1992 elections and in the 2007-2008 polls.

In the run up to August, someone seems to be assembling a rag tag band of extremist youths, radicalised by lies and handouts to zone the country before pushing us into mayhem.

For today's unfortunate events, I hold Uasin Gishu governor Jackson Mandagor and Soy MP Caleb Kositany responsible.

I call on the two, and all leaders from the region who believe in our constitution, to come out now, not later, condemn the incident and promise an end to the bizarre attempts to balkanise the country into ethnic and tribal party zones ahead of August election.

Despite the violence meted out on me and my team today, I remain optimistic that Kenya will hold peaceful, free and fair election in August. 

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