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Kikuyu elders threaten to curse MP Kuria

Kikuyu elders threaten to curse MP Kuria

By Justus Karanja

The Kikuyu Council of Elders has threatened to curse Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria for disrespecting and abusing President Uhuru Kenyatta.

If they administer the curse, Kuria will become an outcast in the community.

The curse involves crushing calabashes signaling his end.

A goat is also pierced with a horn while incantations are made before the elders announce they have cursed the culprit’s life.

 The entire sacrificial goat is burnt which means the curse is irreversible and nothing can be done to save the culprit.

Speaking on Thursday in Gatundu, the elders distanced the Gikuyu Community from an alleged 1960 oath that Kuria alleged was administered to the people and called for disciplinary action against the controversial legislator.

The elders warned Kuria against use of vulgar and obscene language and unprintable words, dismissing his allegation of the oath as “wild and unfounded rubbish.”

They condemned the ‘unprintable’ utterances made by Kuria saying if not stopped, his “vulgar” language might cause disunity in the country.

The elders took a swipe at the controversial MP, regretting his behaviour is an embarrassment to the community and taints the image of the council of which he is a member.

The elders led by Kiarie Kamunguna and Njuru Ngugi who is the patron, said Kuria as an elite member of the society should not be promoting hate and tribalism.

The visibly annoyed elders promised to summon him to face the council’s disciplinary committee for flouting Kikuyu community’s values and traditions.

They added that Kuria’s speech during a recent campaign tour in Gatundu South was not only distasteful but also primitive and sought to portray the community negatively in the eyes of other Kenyans.

They castigated his alleged invocation of the 1960’s alleged oath and dismissed it as rubbish and a statement that the Chama Cha Kazi leader used to promote negative ethnicity.

They maintained that the oath, if it was indeed taken, has no modern-day impact and can only affect the children of grandparents who successfully took it and not the entire community as Kuria suggested.

“It is a pity that Moses Kuria who is a member of the council and a friend opted to go against our norms and values. We have a disciplinary committee that will be summoning him and the committee will decide the kind of punishment he will face,” Peter Kabi, another elder, stated.

The elders said Kuria should be denied any elective position saying he had not only shown his inability to unite the nation but also presented himself as an immature leader who cannot be trusted with the leadership of the community.

They apologised to President Uhuru Kenyatta, on behalf of the community for the statements made by Kuria but vowed to take actions against him to prevent him from making further statements.

The elders urged the relevant government agencies such as National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to wake up from slumber and expedite prosecution of all leaders found making derogatory remarks that could plunge the country into disorder. 

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