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Munya tells Ruto to prepare for defeat in presidential race

Munya tells Ruto to prepare for defeat in presidential race

By Justus Karanja

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya (pictured) has cautioned Deputy President William Ruto to prepare for a resounding defeat in the August 9 presidential race.

Munya laughed off claims that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga cannot win the August Presidential elections.

Munya said those underestimating Raila were daydreaming and that they should review the ODM leader’s performances in previous polls, ‘where he has never scored less than 44 per cent of the presidential vote without the support of the Mt Kenya region.

“With the support he has gotten from the mountain as well as President Uhuru Kenyatta, we expect a big win for Raila this time round,” said Munya.

Munya reiterated that Raila was the best bet for the country in ensuring continuity of President Kenyatta’s legacy and development agenda even as he defended the president for rallying behind him.

“Aren’t those going around criticising the president for campaigning for Raila also on the same mission of seeking election?” posed Munya

Munya said Mt Kenya region should vote wisely in the upcoming elections or risk being locked out of the government and end up lagging behind economically.

He asked President Kenyatta’s political backyard to follow his lead and rally behind Raila’s Presidential bid, even as he predicted an outright win for the Azimio coalition.

According to Munya, Azimio is “an all-inclusive coalition” that has portrayed the face of the country.

“As a region, we need to be on the winning side so that we can have a stake in the next government and have bargaining power in terms of resources allocation and sharing,” he said.

Speaking while donating assorted food crop seeds to farmers in Mbeere North Sub-county at Kanyuambora Stadium Thursday, the CS said politics was about numbers and the region’s bargaining power was pegged on the number of votes delivered.

“What matters in politics is what you have brought on the table,” Munya said, noting that the Azimio Coalition’s agenda was to bring the country together for the sake of peace and development.

At the same time, the CS alleged a plot by some quarters to divide the region in a bid to weaken its numerical strength, while calling on voters to continue rallying behind the Jubilee Party as it was still the region’s homegrown party. 

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