Why Kikuyus must heed Mama Ngina’s wise counsel

Why Kikuyus must heed Mama Ngina’s wise counsel

Anderson Kibrit

Mama Ngina Kenyatta is the founding mother of Kenya.

Again, she is the mother to Kenya's fourth President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In her shoulder rests the country's past, present and future.

Mama Ngina hardly indulges in politics and has remained reserved in most of the time.

As the founding mother of the nation, Mama Ngina has witnessed all the successive presidents serve the nation and go.

She knows the country's political dynamics and terrain better than anyone in the nation.

When she speaks, it's out of experience and that is why Kenyans and international community take her message seriously.

Deputy President  William Ruto disrespected his boss and therefore Kenyans should not vote for him to become president.

Mama Ngina’s message to Kenyans and the world was a powerful one. Be wary and trust my instinct.

From her experience, it goes without denying, her fears are for the good of the nation. Trust the source and trust the decision.

Mothers know their children well. In every home, mothers know the traits and character of every child.

They know the ability and competence of every child.

Mothers know what suit each child and that is why in most successful homes, they help in decision making. They say and it happens.

Why Ngina vouches for Raila?  Mama Ngina understands better the two leading presidential aspirants.

She knows them well and in her heart and soul, she has vetted them and made conscious resolution. It is Raila for Kenyans.

 That is why she chose Raila and had reservation over Ruto. She knows best.

Mama Ngina does not only have a say and a way in the mountain alone but draws respect nationally and internationally.

Her endorsement is a bonga points to Raila and additional votes.

This is likely to boost Raila's rating further and he could soon be arriving at  50+1 even before August presidential elections.

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