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Gatundu: Police arrest 100 goons ferried to cause mayhem in Ruto rally

Gatundu: Police arrest 100 goons ferried to cause mayhem in Ruto rally

By Justus Karanja

Planners of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA_ rally in Gatundu in Kaimbu County  were surprised by the don't care attitude shown by the residents.

The turnout was very low compared to the huge crowds usually seen in UDA rallies in neighbouring Murang'a County.

Expecting the worst, Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua, his Kiharu counterpart Ndindi Nyoro and Kandara’s Alice Wahome had ferried three busloads of supporters from as Kikuyu.

The initial plan was to bring in 20 buses but only three 32-seater matatus were brought in and were following the crowds at a safe distance.

In true Ruto fashion, they refused to pay their "foot soldiers" and drama ensued.

Once again, it is becoming evident that money is a real problem in Ruto's campaign that even aspirants in the Mt Kenya region are tired of being asked to support the campaign.

Why ferry people to Gatundu whereas UDA has been working hard to convince everyone that they have enough support?

Why do Tangatanga/UDA numbers always fail them?

Meanwhile, over 100 people were arrested in Gatundu South, where Deputy President William Ruto was campaigning.

Police confirmed they were holding 100 people who had been ferried from unknown locations to Gatundu South ahead of Ruto's visit.

According to police, the group comprised goons who they suspected to have been hired to disrupt the Friday, March 18, rally at the Kiamwangi area in Gatundu South, the home turf of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Police intercepted three buses that were ferrying the youthful passengers suspected to be part of a larger group of goons.

Ruto pitched camp in Gatundu where he asked residents to have a conversation with the President over his comments and opinion on his succession.

"Speak with your friend and neighbour, President Kenyatta, to stay away from the presidential campaigns.

“Kindly ask him not to cut off my legs with the same knife that I used in protecting him in the two previous elections. Ask him not to extend support to that man full of riddles (referring to Raila Odinga)," the DP stated.

He accused the President of betraying him despite his efforts in helping him ascend to power.

“Remind him that he and I knelt down to be prayed for by the clergy and his mum, Mama Ngina Kenyatta. Even if he doesn’t want to help me in my quest to become President, kindly ask him to stay out of the presidential campaigns so that I can defeat Raila Odinga," the DP stated.

Ruto also faulted Uhuru's government over what he termed as inhumane handling of the planned relocation of at least 2,500 residents of Mutomo village, whose land is set for acquisition by the state to pave way for construction of the Mama Ngina University.

“No one will be relocated or have his land grabbed provided you have the title deeds. This country is led by the Constitution. Do not panic, no one will relocate you," Ruto said in Mutomo on Friday.

His remarks come in the backdrop of a petition backed by over 1,000 residents who moved to court seeking to stop their compulsory relocation. 

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