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 Mr Waweru Mbugua enters Kenya’s 2022 presidential race as Independent Candidate.

Nairobi businessman Waweru Mbugua has entered the 2022 presidential race as an Independent Candidate.

Mr Waweru Mbugua, whose slogan is Amukeni Wakenya, Mwangaza Umepatikana (Rise up Kenyans, the light has been found), has launched a campaign different from other presidential aspirants.

With a rider Mtetezi wa Wanyonge (the light of the sufferers), Mr Waweru Mbugua’s campaign is driven by a 13-point agenda in his Government.

 He says a sufferer is a person who lives from hand to mouth and they constitute 70 per cent of Kenyans (about 9 million voters) who he targets as his voters.

His Agenda:

1.               To ensure gender equality in all sectors of the Government

2.             His Government to eliminate corruption

3.             To empower women by financing their economic undertakings

4.             To empower youth through provision of free internet and e-commerce

5.              To  support vulnerable families through school and homes feeding programmes

6.             To eradicate cartels in all sectors of the economy and free our economy from State/cartels capture

7.              Licensing of liquor brewing will be stopped forthwith

8.             Prisoners will be paid allowances for labour services upon completing their sentences

9.             Reintegration programme for released prisoners to equip them with skills to enter the labour market

10.      Rehabilitation of street children/families to ensure there are none in all towns and market centres.

11.         Ensure the Government provides farming inputs to farmers like production of fertilizer through setting up manufacturing industries countrywide etc.

12.       Invite investors by giving them tax reliefs to set up industries eg. Shoes manufacturing and leather industries countrywide.

13.       Ensure there are technical schools countrywide and all are free of charge.  

14.       To ensure health facilities are catered for countrywide

Mr Mbugua also trashes the notion that there are two horses in the presidential race, asserting that there is a donkey, which refers to him, ready to take Kenyans to the Promised Land.

Mr Waweru Mbugua invites qualified female to apply for Deputy President Slot. The candidate should be above 40 years.  

Those wishing to get in touch with him can reach him on: 0723108288 or 0736528528

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