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He who keeps company of the wolf, will end up howling like a wolf

He who keeps company of the wolf, will end up howling like a wolf

By Correspondent

The utterances by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria (pictured) during the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) National Delegates Congress (NDC) at Kasarani are not just shocking but also another confirmation of the consistent dishonesty within the Tanga Tanga camp that supports Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid.

In his remarks, Kuria argued, “The last time I supported a good human being was when I supported former President Mwai Kibaki".

Kuria’s statement left me wondering whether, the definition of a good human being has since changed.

I mean, who’s more human than a person who takes you while you are wallowing from uncertainties of life and stabilises you?

This is a man whose hand was held by President Uhuru Kenyatta and fixed into The National Alliance (TNA) party as a strategist in 2012, after years of uncertainties since his return from Dubai five years earlier.

Then came a by-election in Gatundu South which was occasioned by the demise of former MP Joseph Ngugi Nyumu in 2014 (May his soul rest in eternal peace).

Again, my friend, Kuria was held his hand, by the same person he is purporting not to be a good human being, and taken to Gatundu irrespective of his nearly non-existent popularity.

Kiambu MPs openly refused to endorse Kuria for the seat and it took the intervention of President Uhuru to cool the situation.

The then TNA Secretary General Onyango Oloo had to warn party MPs and MCAs who had declined to support Kuria that they risked disciplinary action.

Onyango Oloo went further to state that the President's party would not sit and watch as MPs and MCAs, who were elected on the party ticket, abandon the party candidate at the eleventh hour; Kuria had been abandoned for sure.

To date, I remember the words of his then competitor Kiarie Kamere who could have easily thrashed our friend Kuria as he withdrew his candidature to let Moses win without much opposition.

"It is out of the deep respect for our President, Uhuru Kenyatta, that I announce my decision to withdraw my candidature from the race for the Gatundu South parliamentary seat”, Kiarie announced.

Would I therefore be wrong to say that Hon. Moses Kuria got the seat courtesy of Kamere's respect for Uhuru?

The same Uhuru, Kuria is now referring to as not a good human being Kīura kīa ringio kiugaga nikio kīeringia, people from The Mountain would say.

But am I really surprised by Kuria’s dishonesty? Not at all! What else do you expect from a person who keeps and enjoys the company of 99% dishonest friends and allies? Mûceera na mũkũndũ akũndũkaga taguo (He who keeps company with the wolf, will learn to howl like a wolf).

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