Kioni: Ruto suffering from multi-personality disorder

Kioni: Ruto suffering from multi-personality disorder

By Jeremiah Kioni (pictured)

The Holy Bible teaches us that there is a time and place for everything.

There is a time to speak, and a time to be silent.

 A time to embrace, and a time to pull away.

 A time to exercise restraint, and a time to act.

And today the times compel us to speak and draw the line.

In recent times, the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, Dr William Ruto has attacked the Jubilee Government and its performance with vice and relish.

In fact, he has been holding anti-government meetings in a government facility in Karen.

Similarly, he used Ksh107 million from the government to travel to Europe and America.

 In these trips he told the foreigners that the Jubilee Government is a Mongrel or a dog of no defined type.

Yet this so called ‘dog’ paid for his extravagant trip and other rendezvous.

As members of the Jubilee Party, we want to tell the Deputy President that he is out of order.

We want to tell him that this is where we draw the line. Enough is enough.

And we say so because the Deputy President is an active member of what he called a ‘mongrel government’.  

Our records indicate that, since the Handshake,  he has attended all Full Cabinet Meetings and has from time to time chaired full cabinet meetings, in the absence of His Excellency the President.

 In fact, he is the chairman of the all-important Intergovernmental Budget and Economic Council (IBEC) made up of cabinet ministers and Governors. This is the council that allocates funds to counties.

If our records are accurate, every government decision he is criticising has been made in his presence.

He has either participated in making it, or chaired a cabinet meeting that made it.

He cannot, therefore, make decisions in government and then migrate to a government facility, at his official residence, to criticise the same decisions. This, in our view is not hypocrisy; it is a clear manifestation of a pathological liar.

The world over, governments are guided by a Constitutional Convention known as the Doctrine of Collective Responsibility.

In this Constitutional Convention, the cabinet is expected to disagree privately; but to support its collective position publicly.

When a cabinet member disagrees with the government publicly, the Constitutional Convention requires him to resign and advocate his contrarian position from outside of government.

The Deputy President cannot serve two masters. And we say so because a man who serves two masters is naturally bound to lie to one.

Since he has breached the constitutional doctrine of collective responsibility, we demand two things:

ONE: That Dr William Ruto RESIGNS from his position as Deputy President with INSTANTENEOUS IMMEDIACY. 

This is the honourable thing to do if he is to avoid pathological lies. 

TWO: Article 150(1)a of our constitution gives grounds on which the Deputy President can be removed.

 If he is mentally incapacitated or suffers from ill health, these are sufficient grounds to remove him. In the case of William Ruto, we suspect that he has become schizophrenic.

He has began to exhibit symptoms of a man suffering from multi-personality disorder.

And the early symptoms of this disorder are manifested in repeated acts of lying.

 To dispel our fears, we demand that the Deputy President subjects himself to a psychiatric evaluation in order to comply with Article 150(1)a of the constitution.

We will now turn to the Jubilee Members of Parliament who have left for UDA.

Section 14(4) of the Political Parties Act states that “…a person shall not be a member of more than one political party at the same time”.

Section 14(5) of the same Act further states that an MP shall be “…deemed to have resigned from their party if they… (inter alia)…Publicly advocate the formation of another political party…(or)…Promote the ideology, interests or policies of another political party”.

Based on these provisions, the actions of the Jubilee rebellion makers are equal to resignation from the Party.

And this applies to members of the National Assembly, Senate and the County Assemblies who have associated themselves with other parties.

Resignation from the Jubilee Party also means that the rebellion makers automatically lose their parliamentary seats.

 According to Article 103(1)e of the constitution, the office of a Member of Parliament shall become vacant if “…as a member of a political party, the member resigns from that political party, or is deemed to have resigned as determined…” by the Political Parties Act.

Further, these provisions were subjected to a judicial interpretation in a constitutional court in June 2017.  The ruling of the court was that, if a person holding an executive position switches parties, the constitution does not require them to vacate their positions.

However, the reverse is true for MPs, Senators and MCAs. Should they be deemed to have resigned by supporting another party as per Section 14(4)(5) of the Political Parties Act and Article 103 (1) of the constitution, “…the consequences are the declaration of a vacancy in the said positions”. And that was the ruling of the constitutional court.

On account of these provisions of the constitution, the Political Parties Act, and the judicial interpretation of these pieces of law, we intend to do the following;

Issue a Notice of Resignation to the Clerks of the relevant Houses of Parliament for the Jubilee MPs and Senators “…publicly promoting the ideologies, interests and policies” of other parties. And by this, cause them to vacate their positions in the two houses of Parliament.

Issue a Notice of Resignation to the Clerks of all County Assemblies for the Jubilee MCAs “…publicly promoting the ideologies, interests and policies” of other parties. And by this, cause them to vacate their positions in the County Assemblies.

Initiate the process of revoking the appointment of all nominated Jubilee MPs and Senators “…publicly promoting the ideologies, interests and policies” of other parties. And by this, cause them to vacate their positions in the two houses of Parliament.

God Bless you all. And God Bless Kenya.

Jeremiah Kioni is Jubilee Party Secretary General

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