Has Deputy President sensed defeat in August 9 polls?

Has Deputy President sensed defeat in August 9 polls?

By Diaspora Correspondent

While in United States, Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto raised concern over threats and intimidation and expressed fears the upcoming elections will not be free and fair as people will be forced to vote for certain politicians.

Ruto, pictured left with Kenya Kwanza leader when they held discussions on Innovation, Sustainability and Food Security at the University of Nebraska, is vocal that elections in Kenya will be stolen.

Ruto said the push for economic inclusivity and the fight to safeguard democracy are the key issues at the heart of Kenya’s presidential election later in august this year.

 Speaking at Loyola University in Baltimore City, United States, Ruto said the hard-fought democracy is on trial and under threat.

 Many observers see the same as sensing defeat and want to alert the international observers to intervene.

The trip to the USA is a calculated one to drum up support, so that in case he wins, the western powers can endorse the outcome and still, if he loses, he will use his remark to prove that the elections were rigged.

In his address, claimed that there are plans already to impose a Presidential candidate on Kenyans (read ODM leader Raila Odinga) in the August 9 General Election.

 He further said some influential people want to control Presidential Power, hence their push to impose a presidential candidate.

He expressed concern that the people seeking to consolidate their interests under a particular presidential candidate have resorted to “manipulating people's decisions at different levels”. Ruto spoke at Karson Institute for Race, Peace.

 When asked to compare Kenya’s democracy to that of the United States, Ruto said: “The only concern Kenyans have is the intrusion by agencies that try to manipulate decisions of people at different levels. The good thing is that the people of Kenya have resisted any attempt at subverting their will.”

 He cited blackmail and intimidation as the methods used by the State to silence nonconforming voices.

 “I am very confident that the people of Kenya will prevail [in their quest to elect a new leader in August 9, 2022 presidential election],” he said.

Ruto said should he win the presidential election he will prioritise access to jobs, medical care and education to every Kenyan.

The Deputy President has constantly accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of attempting to extend his term by ensuring that his political and economic influence is felt beyond 2022.

He argues that is why President Uhuru is backing Raila to protect his interests.

Ruto is on a one-week tour of the US accompanied by Amani National Congress (ANC) Party leader Musalia Mudavadi and governors Anne Waiguru (Kirinyaga), Josphat Nanok (Turkana) and Salim Mvurya (Kwale).

Ruto US tour ends on Saturday, March 5, and, there-After he will visit the United Kingdom until Tuesday, March 8.

In the UK, he is expected to meet senior UK officials, visit the National Counter-Terrorism Centre and address the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, also known as Chatham House.

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