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Kenyans in Diaspora censure Ruto ahead of his 10-day trip to US, UK

Kenyans in Diaspora censure Ruto ahead of his 10-day trip to US, UK

By Justus Karanja

A section of Kenyans in the Diaspora have censured Deputy President William Ruto for violating human rights and corruption.

In a press statement, they said it had come to their attention that Ruto was embarking on a 10-day visit of the United States and United Kingdom starting on February 27, 2022.

“As Kenyans in the US and the Diaspora at large, we bid him warm welcome but are apprehensive about what he represents as a leader,” they said.

They added that Ruto is a diplomatic threat to the relations between Kenya and the United States of America and the international community at large.

They noted that in the recent past, Ruto almost caused a diplomatic row between Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo and the United Kingdom after publicly insulting the two countries.

“When President Barrack Obama visited Kenya in 2014,  Ruto expressed contempt for the POTUS, but fortunately the situation was saved by the diplomatic mien of President Uhuru Kenyatta,” they said.

“He is a person of interest at the International Criminal Court in relations to crimes against humanity,” they added.

“He is a security threat by virtue of being a close associate and business partner to a suspected Turkish terrorist Haroun Aydin. The Deputy President's campaigns are rife with hate speech. He has introduced divisive class politics which almost plunged the country into turmoil,” they said.

They added that Ruto’s insatiable appetite for public funds has almost brought Kenya's economy to its knees, adding he is also known for sabotaging the government's war on corruption.

“Kenyans in diaspora make a significant contribution to Kenya's GDP, with an estimated annual remittance of over USD 3 billion. Therefore, our voice counts in monitoring governance and utilization of public funds,” they said.

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