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What Livondo disclosed about Uhuru assassination plot

What Livondo disclosed about Uhuru assassination plot

By John Kamau, Arizona, US, editor,

Businessman and Langata parliamentary aspirant Stanley Livondo was questioned by police over his claims that a person he did not name tried to assassinate President Uhuru Kenyatta twice.

While many infer the person who wanted the President dead is Deputy President William Ruto, there are reports the second in command has been undermining his boss and would do anything to grab power.

According to a Kenyan blog, The Informer, Livondo told police he has sufficient evidence to prove his claims, saying he wants those deemed witnesses to be protected.

One of the dossiers Livondo disclosed is a damning report from Uganda’s Internal Security Organisation (ISO) that allegedly intercepted an assassination plot on Uhuru on 19th January 2019.

According to The Informer, the President’s security team was forced to delay take-off in Kisumu by almost four hours, seeking to neutralise the assassin’s threat.

The Informer says the plot involved a lone suicide bomber, who had already gained access to the airport as a casual worker just a week earlier.

His initial assassination plot was set for January 23rd when the President was scheduled to travel to Eritrea through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

But on Thursday 17th January 2019, the assassin got wind of burial preparation plans at the home of the late Bruce Odhiambo, in Koru, Kisumu County.

He brought forward the assassination after he got a call from Atbara, a city in North Eastern Sudan.

The assassin’s plot was to detonate his device, after President Kenyatta landed at JKIA from a burial in Kisumu.

 According to The Informer, the bomber was to position himself (camouflaged a casual worker) right at the first gate of the Presidential pavilion and detonate himself.

 The Informer claimed the impact of the explosive would have been so devastating, that nobody within a radius of 4 meters would have survived.

On the material day, the said ISO officer got wind of the plot and, while in the company of an Israel businessman in Kisumu.

He rushed to Koru and approached a bodyguard to Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga and warned him that the President was and his boss shouldn’t board the Presidential jet back to Nairobi.

On the way back to Kisumu International Airport, the bodyguard passed the information to the opposition leader.

At the airport, the opposition leader feigned that he was bidding farewell to President Kenyatta, whispered something in his ear, literally grabbed President Kenyatta by hand and took him to his car and they drove away, leaving security personnel bewildered.

 President Kenyatta apparently asked only that nobody other than his close protection unit to follow him.

Meanwhile at JKIA, Presidential security was informed, and for four hours, they mounted an intense operation at the airport to uncover the threat but were unsuccessful.

The man had disappeared in thin air. Only after they had done a thorough sweep of the pavilion did they give the security team in Kisumu the green-light to take off.

This was about 8:15pm.

The would be assassin was later arrested in Narok during Madaraka day celebrations in 2019.

The source claims that the ISO uncovered the January plot by accident, when they arrested a Lebanese national in July 2019 in Entebbe, Uganda.

This was after an Israel intelligence agent (Mosad) from Nairobi tipped them off a potential attack on Israel targets in East Africa.

The Lebanese national, after interrogation led them to uncover the plot.

The source also divulged that this wasn’t the first attempt on the President’s life.

 He says that there was a plot uncovered by Kenya’s NIS that was engineered a week before Kenya’s Deputy President claimed that there was an assassination plot against him.

Interestingly, the City of Atbara in Sudan has allegedly played host to Ruto before.

Exactly a year after the assassination plot, the DP is said to have travelled to Atbara to meet one Osama Daoud Abdellatif.

Ruto is said to have used Osama’s luxury jet to Atbara from Khartoum.
Osama is known to be a close Sudan’s ex-president’s Omar al-Bashir associate.

On Monday, Livondo was questioned by police over his claims that a person he did not name tried to assassinate President Uhuru Kenyatta twice.

He told police he has evidence and wants those deemed witnesses to be protected.

He also asked for his security to be boosted.

 “I have given what I have and I want all my witnesses to be ready. I have also asked that my witnesses should be provided with security because this thing is big,” he said after a one-hour grilling.

Livondo said officials handling the matter asked him to return to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations offices on Thursday for further grilling.

He had been summoned by officials from the Serious Crimes Unit who are investigating the claims.

This follows remarks he made on Saturday during Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria's homecoming in Thika. Livondo alleged that some people tried to attack a presidential jet.

He was accompanied by his lawyer Victor Kariuki to the DCI offices. The two said they had provided evidence and will wait for the police to do their work.

Livondo said the plans started in 2014.

Kuria asked DCI boss George Kinoti to investigate the claims made by Livondo on Saturday in Thika.

 “You have a friend who attempted to crash your plane twice, will you forgive him? The first attempt was when President Uhuru Kenyatta was leaving Kisumu and the second attempt was when he was going to the US through Dubai and he had to make a detour,” Livondo said.

 Many believe Livondo referred to the 2015 incident when the presidential plane heading to the US via Dubai flew back to Kenya. He said the incident was because of a misunderstanding between two countries.

Kenya sent a protest note to Ethiopia over the aborted trip.

The jet returned to Nairobi after Ethiopian air controllers advised them to reroute.

The presidential jet flew back to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport four hours after it had taken off.

Although initial reports indicated that it had crossed the Kenyan-Ethiopia border almost 40 minutes later and headed for Eritrea, which was the safe route given the turmoil in Yemen, the officials clarified that Kenyatta's jet returned from Somalia.

Then Foreign Affairs PS Karanja Kibicho said the President's pilot had two options: Return or land for refuelling.

The pilot chose to fly back since landing a presidential jet in a foreign country requires the pilot to follow strict protocols.

The new route could have seen the President's plane enter Saudi airspace on its way to Dubai through Somalia and Djibouti.

In the Kisumu incident in 2019, the President and ODM leader Raila Odinga breached protocol and delayed the flight by more than four hours as they toured the city.

Kenyatta changed his mind about boarding his jet at the Kisumu International Airport at the eleventh hour and instead accompanied Raila on a tour of Kisumu town. He later left for Nairobi.


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