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Moses Kuria to hold thanksgiving at Thika Stadium on 19th Feb.

Moses Kuria to hold thanksgiving at Thika Stadium on 19th Feb.

By Correspondent

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria will hold a thanksgiving/prayer day at Thika Stadium on 19th February.

The vocal MP who was recuperating at a Dubai hospital is expected to jet back to the country this week.

Kuria has now started walking again following an accident that paralysed his legs.

On Saturday, he had invited his friends and supporters for a walk at Kite Beach in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates to witness as he walked independently for the first time in 136 days.

The vocal MP, who has been in hospital since September last year, said only 200 persons were to be allowed into the venue due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Kuria sustained third-degree burns on his feet in September 2021 after an electric mat he was using to ease numbness in his feet malfunctioned.

Having considered all options, including amputating his feet, his medical team advised him to undergo a rare stem cell surgery at the Dubai American Hospital. 

“It was a difficult decision. There were no cases to compare with either in UAE or in Kenya. After consulting with my family, I finally took a leap of faith and agreed to the surgery,” Kuria says.

“Thanks to God Almighty and my wonderful team at the American Hospital, I can now walk again.”

Following the incident, the politician has undergone 10 surgeries in Kenya and abroad in a bid to regain his ability to walk.

Kuria said he purchased the electric therapeutic mat from Nairobi-based company Ceragem Limited for Sh250,000 through a friend.

“A friend of mine convinced me to use a gadget which to my knowledge I thought was authorised. This gadget happened to do some slow-burning of my feet. I was trying to cure a problem by introducing a killer solution. I went home at night and my feet just exploded,” Kuria said during an interview from his hospital bed in October.

The MP has vowed to sue Ceragem Limited after it emerged that the company is not licensed by the Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

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