KRA seeks freezing of Mary Wambui, daughter, 13 bank accounts over tax evasion

By Correspondent

The Kenya Revenue Authority has moved to court seeking the freezing of businesswoman Mary Wambui Mungai (pictured) and her daughter, Purity Njoki, 13 bank accounts over tax evasion.

In the petition filed at the High Court, KRA says Wambui and Njoki, both directors of Purma Holdings Ltd, evaded paying tax of Sh2.5 billion by failing to declare the correct taxes between 2014-2019.

The KRA saysWambui deals in supplies to government departments both in the country and region, but she failed to declare the correct tax in the said period.

The targeted accounts are in Equity #ticker:EQTY , Stanbic #ticker:SBIC , Credit Bank, Family and KCB #ticker:KCB .

Six of the accounts are registered under Purma Holdings, while the rest are in Wambui’s name.

According to the taxman, Wambui, through her business, received a total of Sh9.88 billion in the said period but was not reflected in the iTax ledger.

“I traced the payments to the bank accounts but the first interested party (Purma Holdings) and its directors being second and third interested parties never fully declared payments for both tax and VAT (value-added tax) purposes during the period under review,” an investigator at the KRA said in an affidavit. 

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