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Gachagua, Ndindi Nyoro supremacy war rocks UDA

By John Kamau, editor,

A silent war is brewing between Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro (pictured) and Mathira legislator Rigathi Gachagua over who to be picked as running mate by the Deputy President William Ruto in this year’s General Election.

Highly placed sources told that Nyoro, 36, is emerging as the favourite owing to his loyalty to the Deputy President.

But Gachagua, 60, is fighting hard to be picked as the running mate on the strength of his abundance resources and strong mobilisation skills.

Those rooting for Nyoro argue that he is young, vibrant and also does not have scandals haunting him unlike Gachagua who is battling a Sh12 billion fraud case.

Nyoro supporters also argue that he comes from Murang’a County which has never produced a Kikuyu kingpin while Gachagua comes from Nyeri which produced former President Mwai Kibaki as Mount Kenya kingpin.

The sources revealed that Gachagua is losing favour with Ruto’s inner core comprising largely Kalenjin elite.

They fear that Gachagua is overambitious and might rock the boat from within once Ruto wins the presidency.

They are of the view Gachagua will be a liability in the presidential campaigns due to the Sh12 billion graft case facing him.

Of late, Nyoro has emerged as Ruto’s favourite due to his charisma, bravery and loyalty to the Deputy President.

The first time MP has been accompanying Ruto in all the rallies where when given the microphone he takes the bull by the horn by criticising President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime.

Nyoro has also become the darling of the youthful voters who comprise over 70 per cent of the electorate.

The sources added that Ruto’s inner core is also worried over Gachagua’s history as District Officer in Kiambaa and Molo, fearing it will work against the Deputy President while wooing the Kikuyu community to vote for him.

While at the University of Nairobi, it was through Gachagua that groups of students were organised to visit State House where they had tea with former President Daniel arap Moi and money dished out to buy loyalty to KANU and to finance hate campaigns against the nascent opposition. 

The nascent opposition was led by Kikuyu leaders such as then Ford Asili Chairman Kenneth Matiba (deceased), Mwai Kibaki of Democratic Party and Charles Rubia (deceased).

Back at the University of Nairobi, Gachagua was instrumental in splitting the student movement with tribal endeavour.

 It is largely through him that the repugnant Youth for KANU 92 recruited membership among the students and the faculty members.

For his reward, Gachagua was among the first graduates from the university to be enlisted in the elite District Officer, special duties rank in the office of the President.

Among their assignments was secret infiltration into the opposition leadership to plant the seeds of discord through disinformation and smear tactics.

When Matiba’s Riara Ridge home in Kiambu County was raided by police disguised as thugs in early 1990s, who injured his wife, Edith on the head, there were reports Gachagua as the District Officer was aware.

There are reports Gachagua is now loathed by the rank and file in UDA who claim he has been blocking them from meeting Ruto. 

According to sources, supporters of Ruto in Mt Kenya want him to pick the young Nyoro as his running mate. 

They are saying Gachagua is a liability due to the corruption case facing him. 

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