How Moi ‘grabbed’ Kikuyu owned businesses

I am learning that former President Daniel arap Moi (pictured) grabbed Stag's Head Hotel in Nakuru from its Kikuyu owner without paying a cent.

Moi used fronts of certain Indo-Pakistan Kenyan families (Asians) to grab properties from Kikuyu families.

 If you borrowed money from government-leveraged banks like National Bank, KCB or Asians banks and bought something Moi fancied, you lost it after the banks recalled loans at once and in total payment of all interest.

The Golden Beach Hotel of Mureithi wa Nduhiu from Tetu, Nyeri was lost in that manner.

Kimani, the real estate man lost Kimani Court Hotel near Globe Roundabout.

Kenneth Matiba lost two of his hotels at South Coast - Jadini and Africana.

Moi hated Matiba so much he 'bought' the two hotels from Barclays Bank using Asian fronts and let nature reclaim the two facilities at Diani. Trees and grass grow inside the two hotels.

To grab Corner House from Stephen Mureithi, Moi put him in detention without trial.

Others lost banks when Moi decreed that no state institution should deposit any money in Kikuyu banks.

People like Jimnah Mbaru, Adrew Ngumba lost their banks in that manner.

During Moi reign poverty haunted everyone like the devil.

By the time Mwai Kibaki happened along, 1.5 million primary-level children were out of school as Kenya hurtled back towards total illiteracy.

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