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Why Ruto refused to invite his elder brother, Paul, to his son’s wedding

By John Kamau, editor, (
Mr Paul Ruto (above) is the elder brother of Deputy President William Ruto.
But Paul was not among the family members of the Deputy President who graced Ruto’s eldest son, Nick, traditional wedding at Karen.
There are reports Paul was not invited because he is too poor and would have embarrassed the Deputy President.
But Paul was among Kenyans who attended the launch of Azimio la Umoja by ODM leader Raila Odinga.
While Ruto is a wealthy and famous politician, he has done little to uplift the lives of his elder brother, Paul.
Paul first disclosed he was DP’s brother during an interview with KTN.
Many people doubted his claims and he had to fish out his identification card and some old pictures with the Deputy President.
Paul does odd jobs in the outskirts of Eldoret town, mingling with people such that one would have a hard time believing he is from the family of the Deputy President. 
Even though Ruto’s siblings are kind of doing great in different ways, Paul’s life seems to be different.
Paul was not even invited in Ruto’s eldest son traditional marriage at Karen, Nairobi.

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