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Why Ruto is a poor choice for presidency

By Correspondent

Nothing will be more dangerous for a country, than electing a president who will sell it for pennies. 

In Thursday Daily Nation, there was a story about Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi (pictured above) having caused drama at Wilson Airport when he insisted on using the VIP lounge without his bags and those of British financial broker Michael Spencer and former Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Lazaro Nyalandu being inspected. 

Sudi confronted the Airport officials violently insisting that the broker and the former Tanzania Minister who had just flown in from a private meeting in Eldoret on a chartered plane are very important people, therefore their luggage should not be checked like ordinary passengers arriving via domestic arrival section.

Those who remember the story is of Lazaro Nyalandu, in November last year he was blocked from entering Kenya by the Tanzanian government on suspicion that he was seeking asylum. 

The guy has been involved in dubious dealings (especially touching on certain Tanzanian Natural resources)

From various sources, it has been confirmed that Nyalandu's assignment during this current mission to Kenya was to introduce the British businessman- Michael Spenser to William Ruto, and the link person was Sudi. 

Michael has committed to funding Ruto’s presidential campaigns, but on guarantee that he will be given mining rights once the latter becomes president just like Nyalandu had tried to do for him, when he was Tanzania’s Minister of Natural Resources.

This is a dangerous trend that we are beginning to observe.

The kind of under dealings being orchestrated by this front, the kind of questionable characters involved in this orchestra of becoming president is something that should worry every patriotic Kenyan. 

First, it was a suspicious Turkish national Harun Aydin, now it is Michael Spencer. And this time round there is an involvement of a Tanzanian politician of questionable character.

The question then is, how far is William willing to go? At what expense is he willing to get the presidential seat? How much of our country is he willing to hawk to get campaign financing? All these machinations because of campaign funds?

Worse still, if he can go this far now, how much will he do in the unlikely event he gets the ultimate power? Will he be a president or an international dealer/broker who can sell a country to foreigners for his selfish interests?

A deeper question also arises in regards to Sudi. Knowing the kind of a crude fellow he is, also considering his level of education, why does William Ruto trust him so much with his international dealings? 

Why isn’t he unable to trust and work with people of straight forward character who can be respected in the international arena? At this rate, it’s not impossible to imagine Sudi becoming Minister of Foreign Affairs in the unlikely event Ruto becomes President. 

The British and the Tanzanian Government should explain what their citizens of questionable character are doing in Kenya,no preying on our natural resources. Are these characters doing it on their own accord or are their governments aware?

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