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Open letter to Kikuyus on Ruto presidency

By Soil-Dr Isaiah 

Dear Kikuyus, I just sat down and thought  of sending you this letter so you can go through before making that critical decision that could have lasting implications to you and future of your children. 

I am very certain that you're fine and I believe it's never too late to let you know that William Samoei Ruto does not mean well for you and he has never meant well ever since.

Few months ago, if not years, your true sons of the soil, Moses Kuria, Mwangi Kiunjuri, Lee Kinyanjui among others formed parties and Ruto immediately began quashing them and referring them as tribal briefcase that are meant to divide Kenyans.

It really hurts and discourages me to see a person who saw our forefathers fighting for multi-partism struggling to take us back into dark days of one party state.

Dear Kikuyus, Ruto is asking you to fold your parties and join UDA so that he can have full control over you, your leadership and your resources.

Please reject or accept and perish. Stand firm on your feet, because if you allow a thief to lead you, it's like you're offering your precious treasures to be stolen, if you're led by a shameless liar, you're allowing yourself to consume lies each day.

If you vote for Ruto this year you will have sold yourselves into slavery for not less than fifty years. One thing, you should know is that, Ruto has an inbuilt hate for you, and he has confirmed that he only needs power so that he can address the "wrongs" you did to him. 

Will you be upset if I tell you that Ruto has been bad mouthing you in our local dialect, maybe no because I know some of you understand Kalenjin or have smart translators.

Ruto will do what he did to Kalenjins shall he clinches power.

He will make sure you're poor so that he can control you and you sing to his tunes the way Kalenjins are doing.

By the way do you know that he can't distribute wheelbarrows and Mikokoteni to Kalenjins? 

Why? Because he wants to see 60% of Kikuyus are in deep poverty so that he can use them to climb to the top. 

Ruto is that chuff politician who will climb your back to his success and once he succeeds he kicks your ass. 

Kikuyu Nation! Kikuyu Nation!!Kikuyu Nation!!!!

Be careful.


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