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Ruto plants Kalenjin cartel at Ardhi House, edges out Kikuyus, Luos

Something is happening at the Ministry of Lands headed by Farida Karoney (pictured above), an appointee of the Deputy President William Ruto, which needs to be addressed urgently.

Officers from one tribe (Kalenjin) are being fixed in strategic offices that handle very sensitive information. 

At the same time, officers from other tribes are being transferred to remote areas when they question the suspicious re-organisation. 

The following is the breakdown of the re-organisation:

1.Digitization Programme

The process ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta is supervised by two officers who hail from the Rift Valley.

a) Bernard Leitich — Deputy Chief Land Registrar.

b) Charles Ngetich —Senior Land Registrar. 

This may look innocent or coincidental, but curiously both are Kipsigis and points to something deeper and sinister.

A senior Land Registrar called Stephen Chege Njoroge questioned some of the things the two guys were doing and why the two were placed to oversee digitization and to silence him, he is being transferred to Nandi County. His transfer would have looked normal, until a crop of officers started openly celebrating his transfer.

2. Survey of Kenya

The following is the list of senior officials at the Department of Surveys

Weldon Maritim — Acting Director of Surveys. 

Officers under him who are holding key offices where they have access to critical documents are:  

1.               Wilson Kibichi

2.             Geoffrey Kibowen

3.             Daniel Langat

4.             Emmy Jepkirui

Why is this line-up dangerous? The risk of tampering with key documents is very high.

It is even worrying that the Acting Director (Maritim) has transferred all senior officers that were dealing with key programmes eg digitization and Embakasi Ranching.  

The following officers were transferred:

1. Cyrus Muiruri Muchoki

2. Washington Omondi Oganga

3. Nanzala Munyendo

4. Hassan Msosi

5. Regina Njue

6. Priscilla Njeri Wango


1. In Ardhi House, stop the transfer of Stephen Chege Njoroge and appoint another senior land registrar from another tribe to be part of the digitization process (we cannot afford to have it manned by one tribe).

2. At the Survey of Kenya;

 I. Appoint John Maina Mwangi as Director of Surveys to stop this illegality.

He is qualified and senior than the current Acting Director.

   II.Recall all the transferred officers. Their transfer was malicious. 

 III. Dismantle the Kalenjin network at the Surveys Department. This can be done by moving the current Acting Director of Surveys to another ministry. 

Why should this matter?

• It is obvious that the re-alignment at Ardhi House is being sponsored by some political quarters in readiness for 2022 take-over, so much damage will be done before then, what about when they take over?

• Should the fixed persons tamper with critical Land records; the country may not recover. 

• Public and private land has been the target of wanton grabbing 

• Land is a fundamental factor in the economy of a country. The government cannot, therefore, afford to gamble with this resource. 

• If records are tampered with, which tribe stands to suffer the most?

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