Panic in UDA as Ruto’s popularity falls

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) fellows are in a panic mood.

 It's horror for them seeing this having campaigned and dished out money to the electorate for four years.

UDA only hates polls which show them losing. You only hate it when it screams your weakness.

From 98 % to about 42 % in just months, DP William Ruto's popularity has drained faster than an iPhone battery.

By February next year, he will be begging Jeff Koinange to host him on his Wednesday Show.

 Ruto will not even manage 5% in Nairobi!

William Ruto was never the frontrunner, he was pacemaker, now the race is at the 35th kilometer mark and the maverick marathoner in the race, Baba Raila Odinga is on his best foot forward headed for the finish line in the last 7 KMs, pacemaker out of the way panting!


#Say no to chief Looter

#Say no to watapeli

@Kenyans have decided

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