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Why Ruto is a replica of Hitler

By Velma Kadiori

I have put together these three similarities between German killer Adolf Hitler and Deputy President William Ruto but there could be more.

1. As the leader of the Nazi Party, Hitler gave numerous politically charged speeches during which he blamed Germany’s Jewish population for the nation’s turmoil following World War.

Likewise, William Ruto is blaming the privileged for the country's high unemployment rate among youth and anything negative in the country.

2. Hitler outlawed youth groups like the Boy Scouts and required all non-Jewish boys in Germany to join his Hitler Youth Organisation. Through this group, the Nazi Party held the power to condition over 90 per cent of Germany’s young men.

William Ruto keeps on saying viama zingine zote ni za kikabila (all other political parties apart from United Democratic Alliance tribal), he wants people to join UDA which he perceives as the only national party.

3. Following the German invasion of Poland in 1939, Hitler began a campaign of anti-Jewish propaganda in order to concentrate Poland’s Jewish population into areas called ghettos. Nazis propagated the idea that Jews carried diseases like typhus and thus required isolation. Ghettos suffered overcrowding and were cold, unsanitary and largely lacked in terms of food.

William Ruto has total resentment for some tribes in Kenya and you will hear him say "hao watu wa kung'oa reli in reference to the Luo community. His people kept complaining that it was unnecessary for the President to embrace those who never voted for him. To him, you become a president to only those who vote for you and leave those who didn't to suffer.

You might think I am unreasonable, but this is my observation. 

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