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Gatanga: Kiunjuri asks presidential aspirants to name running mate

The Leader of The Service party (TSP) Mwangi Kiunjuri (pictured above) has challenged presidential aspirants to name their running mates.

Kiunjuri said the remaining time to the next General Election is short and thus the need for the people to know who will deputise in the position of the presidency.

Speaking in Kandara when he attended a burial ceremony of a local resident, the former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary observed that it’s better for a presidential candidate to pick a person whom they will work well with instead of picking someone who will be fighting the head of the nation.

He noted that for one to win the presidency he needs a backing from many communities and it’s better for those seeking for the top seat to get a person who is hard working and who will respect his or her boss.

A president, Kiunjuri said, should have good working relations with his deputy as this can help prevent differences which may ruin the government of the day.

He said Kenyans should not only be looking at who are the presidential candidates but should also be concerned with the deputy presidents.

Kiunjuri said people of Mount Kenya region are keen to know who they will support as their presidential candidate in the next general elections.

He further challenged parties to ensure they do not interfere with nominations saying political parties should go with aspirants being nominated by the majority.


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