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The Illuminati connection in deaths of clergymen close to Ruto

By John Kamau, Editor, (

For the past couple of days Kenyans have woken up to the mysterious deaths’ of clergymen associated with Deputy President William Ruto.

In these mysterious deaths, there is a very deep hidden message above, which requires the services of wise men (Ogī a njata) for tabulation. 

Indeed, the gullible followers of Ruto must start worrying and exploring this trend spiritually and in faith, in order for them to understand the message hidden.

The deaths are extremely worrying coming about nine months to the 2022 General Election which Ruto is working day and night to win to save himself from the jaws of the International Criminal Court (ICC) that is expected to summon him early next year to answer to charges of killing witnesses in his crimes against humanity case that was deferred.

What is peculiar is that all those diehard clergy supporters of Ruto’s presidential candidacy died in similar peculiar and mysterious circumstances, as those of the over 20 witnesses of the genocide case he faced at The Hague, Netherlands.

Within a year, over six clergymen who had sold the altar to Ruto for money have died in mysterious circumstances.

Prior to their deaths, the clergymen had received from Ruto vehicles, money to buy land and monetary hand-outs, in return for inviting them to their churches to cleanse his image – from that of a bloodthirsty leader ready to kill his countrymen for power to that of a pious Christian.

The said clergymen had welcomed the Deputy President to their churches and branded him as a pious, holy person who gives to the poor, in accordance with the Bible.

 Unbeknown to many, Ruto also advises these clergy members to lie to the public about the amount he donates to their churches.

There are also reports that he uses some of the clergy to launder money and thus kills them if he suspects the secrets are leaking out or they might refuse to give him the money.

After lying to their congregations, the clergy members end up dying in mysterious ways.

According to  a senior member of a popular church who declined to welcome the DP to his church, the clergymen should know some of these deaths are the 'hand of God' and should be taken very seriously since they are being punished for using the pulpit to lie.

"You cannot corrupt the altar of God, Using the altar to profit and gain material wealth is beyond blasphemous, "the clergyman said.

Clergymen who have died in mysterious circumstances include Bishop Mercy Wairimu Mwangi alias Bishop Waciama, founder of Embracing Evangelistic Church in Thika.

Bishop Mercy succumbed to Covid-19 complications at Thika Level 5 Hospital where she had been hospitalised for three days.

Days to her death she had held a Harambee at in her church and among the senior people she interacted with included Ruto.

Bishop Waciama was a renowned TV presenter who held a programme of prayers and counseling in a local TV station.

She was also a gospel singer whose songs are very popular.

Another death was that of Bishop Stephen Ng'ang'a.

The African Independent Pentecostal Churches of Africa (AIPCA) Bishop had hosted Ruto on Sunday, October 4 in Kenol, Murang’a County.

Ng’ang’a died of pneumonia on November 5, Kenol’s AIPCA Secretary-General, Simon Kimaru Maina, revealed.

The reverend was buried at his Gacharage Village home in Kigumo Sub-County, Murang’a County.

 Another mysterious death was that of Kakamega-based Bishop Shem Shamalla.

The bishop died a few days after Ruto gifted him with a brand new car.

Another mysterious death was that of Bishop Simon Wanjohi of PEFSA churches in Nyandarua County.

Bishop Wanjohi was the chairperson of Nyandarua Pastors Fellowship.

He was close to Ruto. The DP was the first to announce his death, raising speculations.

The latest is that of the House of Hope Bishop Godfrey Migwi.

The bishop passed away on Thursday, December 2.

The bishop was a strong supporter of Ruto and was set to vie for Mathioya parliamentary seat on United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket in next year’s General Election.

After his death, Ruto took to his social media to eulogize the vocal leader, terming him as a powerful leader with a great sense of humor.

But these deaths add to the mysterious others of close associates of the Deputy President.

Apart from the likes of Meshack Yebei, who was set to testify against Ruto at ICC before he was brutally murdered, there have been other mysterious deaths of people close to Ruto or having worked at his companies.

Indeed, in mid May 2020, Kenyans woke up to the chilling news of the murder of one, Cynthia Mwikali Mukio who used to work for Ruto as his wife’s, Rachel, aide.

Days earlier, Cynthia had been reported missing only for her mutilated body to be discovered in a thicket at Maungu, Tsavo East National Park in Taita Taveta County, with sadly some body parts missing.

The deceased, according to media reports, had fallen at loggerheads with the DP’s family after she leaked information regarding the shambles that had befallen the family.

Earlier in the week, there were unverified media reports that Ruto had been in a feud with his wife, Rachel, whom he allegedly injured after things got out of hand after their disagreement.

The unverified media reports claimed Rachel fled their Karen residence to escape the wrath of the country’s number two.

The reports added she went to seek a physician to help nurse her wounds after the DP got physical with her.

When the body was found, police revealed Cynthia had been killed elsewhere and the mutilated body dumped at Tsavo.

Police added that her injuries were synonymous with torture as her eyes were gouged out, her back skinned and the tongue missing.

The then Voi Deputy County Commissioner Mtivo Impuli stated Tsavo National Park had become a notorious dumping site for victims of murder.

Cynthia’s body was found near where on December 30, 2014, the body of International Criminal Court (ICC) witness Meshack Yebei was found.

By the time of her death, Cynthia was an employee at the Whitesand Beach Report.

For nearly the whole week, a trending hashtag titled #RutoTheWifeBeater trended before the body was discovered.

The media reports claimed Cynthia was the one who had allegedly started the rumours about Ruto beating his wife since she was the personal steward of Rachel when she visited the Resort.

Her father, Danvas Mukio, was quoted saying his daughter was going to meet a colleague who was en route Nairobi from Mombasa to pick personal belongings since she was on a leave following the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country.

Cynthia told us on Sunday evening that her friend was coming to Nairobi and they would meet in Machakos town the following day to pick some items. She had left Mombasa in a hurry and abandoned her personal effects with a friend,” Mukio told the local media.

But on Monday evening at around 7 pm, he added, he tried calling her but her phone went unanswered even though it was going through.

I assumed she could have been in a matatu coming back home and decided to wait,” he added, clenching on her framed picture.

He tried to reach Cynthia again around midnight and this time her phone was switched off and they assumed her phone battery had run low.

The family reported a missing person at Makueni Police Station the following morning.

And now a new book titled: ‘The Rustler: Ruto: The Master of Criminal Deception’ and that will be in the shelves soon delves on the circumstances and media reports of the murder to question whether there is a link between the incident and rumuors of Ruto’s alleged membership to Illuminati.

The book states that Cynthia’s murder would have passed like an ordinary crime but the fact that her body parts were missing – tongue and genitals – points to a cult like killing, though it does not apportion blame.

The book quotes a blog that claimed Cynthia had threatened to expose Ruto’s membership to the Illuminati cult, stating though no evidence has been adduced since dead people do not tell tales, her chilling murder where she was tortured shows the killers were trying to extract information from her.

Though details are scanty, the book notes that the macabre killing and missing of body parts is part of the Illuminati creed.

The book quotes media reports that claim a close confidante of Rachel, Linet Hamasi, who formerly worked as the deputy chief of staff for the office of the deputy president revealed the DP was inducted into the Illuminati early 2015.

This was after serving a probation period of 10 years since 2005.

And in the sect he found the Andrew and Purity Ngiricis, who have been members for a long time now and had been running children pornography studio at their Warwick Centre offices in Gigiri.

The fact that the Ngiricis are close friends of the Deputy President is there for all to see.  

The book quotes the blog which states Ruto was ordered to as a compulsory requirement of joining Illuminati, wear a clothing item - be it a tie, jacket, sockets or trouser - that is either red or maroon at any given time.

Anytime he fails to have a red or maroon cloth item, he is always sickly and physically very weak.

To promote Illuminati, he was ordered to make sure that in all his meetings, he uses a code symbol while addressing people.

The media reports claimed the Karen Chapel that was initially put up for Christian worship has been converted to an altar of sacrifice.

The book draws parallels between the Illuminati and the Hustler Movement.

It states that when one formally joins the Illuminati, he is given spiritual powers to control his supporters, who are reduced to zombies.

Here, the leader gets powers to control the emotions and thinking of his followers, to an extent that they see him as the messiah.

The cult leader becomes the centre of attraction and dissent is not tolerated.

The book draws parallels between the running of the Illuminati and the Hustlers’ Movement through the nascent political party, United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Just like a cult leader who does not tolerate dissent, Ruto runs UDA like a cult. Every move in the nascent party rotates around him.

He has ruled out forming an alliance since, just like a cult leader, his authority should not be questioned or even debated about, or shared.

Ruto has also made his followers to believe he has messianic powers to solve all their problems once he assumes power. How he will achieve the same is never to be questioned or debated on.

Some of his followers believe all the problems in the country will evaporate  into thin air once Ruto is elected President, the book states.

It adds that he has also been quoting Biblical versus to justify is actions, which again gives him a messianic status among his followers.

In the Illuminati creed, the leader assumes messianic powers, becoming a demi god. He only allows zombies to be near him, the book states.

Here, the book states, Ruto does not want to share power with any other independent individual and that is why he is hostile to calls for the expansion of the Executive by creating positions of Prime Ministers and Deputies.

The DP is opposed to proposals contained in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and parliament to expand the Executive.

Another characteristic betraying the Hustlers Movement’s link to the Illuminati is the special red colour Ruto uses, particularly when in a religious gathering.

The book states that a few months to elections Ruto will start exercising messianic powers. He will wear spiritual robes and then start prophesying the future, and predicting good tidings for the Hustlers. And sadly, there are those who will believe him.


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